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Lets try this Habanero based sauce with a simple ingredients list we look forward to giving our verdict and where better than to do this, yep we use Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to give our decision on this chili sauce.

Ingredients: Red Habanero Peppers, Garlic, Vinegar, Lime & Salt.

Made & available from: Mr Saucy

Priced at: $7.95 (Price correct at time of publication)
Bottle size: 5 Fl Oz (148ml)


We show you how to make a chili flower garnish sometimes called a Fire Bloom or chilli florette.

With fresh chillies a very sharp knife or scissors, patience and a bowl of ice cold water ChilliDave shows us how to create this simple but ‘hot’ garnish.


It’s got chilli in the ingredients which means lets review it! Mmmh we can’t say we eat crickets often however we bought these from a company called ‘Crunchy Critters‘ which sells all sorts of creepy crawlies that are edible.

So lets see if we get the bug and like these.

Ingredients: Crickets 88% and hot chilli marinade 12%.

World’s Hottest Crickets Made & available by Crunchy Critters
20g resealable foil bag priced at £5.98 (Price correct at time of publishing)


Were we broken by Hoboken?! We try Hoboken Eddie’s Smoked Home Grown hot pepper sauce & give our verdict on this artisan sauce we found in the USA after a recent visit.

Ingredients: Assorted Smoked Hot Peppers (Habaneros, Long Red Cayenne & Jalapeños), Tomatoes, Vinegar, Citrus, Garlic and Sugar.

Made & available from Hoboken Eddie’s
Bottle Net Wt 6oz priced at $7.00 (Price correct at time of publishing)


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