Hot Juan

How about actors, eat a chilli and then recite some Shakespeare. Directed and photographed by Rosie Collins this really seem to bring some drama to the acting..

Finally here is James Rowland takes on the Komodo Dragon with out the editing.

I can see this being part of a chilli festival, maybe it would add a bit of culture? or maybe not.

30 pints of milk we are told helped in the production of these videos, for more please see Rosie Collins youtube channel “The Chilli Channel”


Dragon's Egg made by Alf Turner ButchersSome of you will have got your hands on a Dragon’s Egg made by Alf Turner Butchers using Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce. Now, to celebrate the millionth Dragon’s Egg which is out there somewhere in the UK, Paul Turner, who won Dragon Peter Jones’s investment, is coming to Brighton’s Fiery Foods UK Chilli Fest to talk about what it’s really like in the Dragon’s Den, and to give away prizes aplenty on Saturday 19th September.

Chilli Pepper Pete has been collaborating with Alf Turner Butchers for 3 years and, to celebrate the millionth Dragon Egg, is running a competition. Just answer this simple question and the first three correct answers pulled out of the virtual hat will get a fabulous prize (including the Dragon’s Egg of course!). Entries to be sent to: by 21st September.


How much Dragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce
has gone into 1 million Eggs?

The draw will take place on Tuesday 22nd September.

Good luck!

Note: This competition is being run and organised by Chilli Pepper Pete


We often get asked for seeds for chillies and we do our best to find a source for our readers, but this one has got us stumped, we have had an enquiry for seeds for the Xcatic Pepper/Chilli. I for one had not heard of this one before, so decided to do some research, I was expecting to find a few seeds suppliers and growers.

Xcatic image borrowed from

After a few hours searching I had come up with very little, except that this was a chilli comes from the Yucatan Peninsula and is a C.Anuum. It is in some ways similar to the Hungarian Hot Wax or Guero pepper except it seems for the all important flavour.

So we are now looking for more information/seeds/pods of this chilli, please let us know if you can help us track it down.




Here is my August update of my Channingswood Prison grow of 2000 chilli plants using the Autopot Watering System.The plants are using a staggering amount of water/nutrients now. I’m using a specially formulated two part feed from Growth Technology that has been made to suit the water supply in the prison. We have to make sure that all seven of the 1000L Flexitanks are constantly topped up, to give you an idea of the usage come Friday lunchtime all of them are full to the brim & when I return to the prison on Monday morning all 7 are near enough empty,so that’s 7000L (7 ton) gone over the weekend!

Plinths at Channingswood Prison

It is rewarding working with the offenders & seeing them enjoying and learning from this unique “Chilli” project,although it has been frustrating & challenging working in this environment with regards to Health & Safety/Security issues. One thing that has amused me is that “Chillies” are the new currency on the wings!

mesh doors at Plinths at Channingswood Prison

Other things that have been done this month are the Polytunnel doors have had the polythene sheeting removed and replaced with a fine mesh to allow more airflow.Also a couple of the offenders have started making permanent concrete plinths to support the Flexitanks instead of pallets as security deemed these to be a risk.

All 2000 plants are now fully supported by canes/string and this has mostly been done by one offender that has past experience of working on a tomato farm in Greece for over 7 years, his skills have been a huge help on our team. The plants are looking awesome now but where has summer gone? We really do need an Indian summer to help ripen the pods now.

These will be available through my website

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