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Looking for the ideal christmas gift for a Chillihead.. How about a new sauce called “Death At The Crimson Altar” from the Devon Chilliman.

Death At The Crimson AltarThis is his hottest sauce to date, it contains Devonchilliman’s own grown super hot chillies including the worlds hottest chillies Carolina Reaper, the current Guinness World Record Holder, and the Moruga Scorpion as well as Naga’s, Red Savina Habanero

Ingredients: Moruga Scorpion, Naga, Red Savina, Carolina Reaper, Vinegar, Beetroot, Mango, Salt, Mustard, Liquorice, Spices.

You can order online at

Over the next few days we will be plugging some excellent UK products that would make excellent Christmas presents – stay tuned for more…


Clifton Chilli Club - The Peoples Choice Awards 2015It is time to cast your vote in the Clifton Chilli Club “The People’s Choice Chilli Awards 2015

You can vote for:-

  • Best UK Chilli Festival
  • Best NEW UK Chilli Festival
  • Best UK Professional chilli grower
  • Best UK made professional MILD chilli sauce
  • Best UK made professional MEDIUM chilli sauce
  • Best UK made professional HOT (non-extract) chilli sauce
  • Best UK made professional EXTREME (extract) chilli sauce
  • Best UK made NEW chilli product in 2015
  • Best UK professional sauce producer
  • Best UK chilli jam/preserve producer
  • Best UK online chilli retailer
  • Best UK Chilli Confectionery
  • Best Contributor to the UK Chilli Scene (Hall of Flame)

So follow the link and vote for your favorites.

Editors Note: We have seen some problems with error messages on the site quick surveys site, so if you see and error message, please try again later.

(The voting closes on 31st December 2015)


Gardening Angel Web Graphic DEV02_smThose chilli loving people at Greenhouse Sensation has been nominated for ‘Best Online Garden Retailer’ and their lovely Quadgrow & Vitopod have also been nominated for ‘Most Innovative Product’ in the Great British Growing Awards.

Now if you would like to vote for them you have a chance of wining £750 worth of Gardening vouchers. All you have to do is click here or on the graphic to jump over to the site and vote.

There are lots of other categories to vote in as well, West Dean Gardens, home to the UK largest Chilli Fiesta and also in the running for “Most Inspiring Vegetable Garden to Visit”, must admit they inspire me each time I visit.


Image from  www.kentishcobnuts.comThe Cobnut? what is it – I must admit I knew very little about Cobnuts before a visit to the Postash Farm Web site I was amazed to find out that the Cobnut is a type of cultivated hazelnut (Bit like a Bramley is a type of Apple) and during the Victorian era the UK had around 7000 acres of them in cultivation, today that has dropped to just 250 acres.

Handmade Thai Chilli Sauce with Kentish CobnutsPotash Farm grows about 6 acres of Cobnuts, made up of around 1000 trees. Their web site full of products made with Cobnuts, from Cobnut Cosmetics to Cobnut Oil, Cobnut Fudge and Biscuits.

New to the range are a couple of sauces a Smokey Roasted Pepper sauce with Kentish Cobnuts and the one we are tasting today their Thai Chilli Sauce with Kentish Cobnuts. The sauce comes in a tall 250ml bottle with a stylish minimalist label, looks just the kind of sauce you would expect in a deli.

Tipping the bottle you can see that the sauce is quite thin with flecks of the ingredients floating nicely in it, on cracking open the lid, there is a very pleasant aroma of soya sauce, ginger and garlic. The taste is subtle, this sauce is not designed to blow your socks of but enjoyed and to enhance the flavour of your meal.

Ingredients: British Sugar, Water, Cider Vinegar, Kentish Cobnuts (3%), Chillies (7%), Red Pepper, Light Soya Sauce, Garlic, Lime Juice, Ginger and Salt.

Bottle Kindly provided by Potash Farm

I had wondered if you would be able to taste the Cobnuts in this sauce with such strong flavours coming from the Garlic and Ginger let alone the chillies, but I was truly astounded as how the nutty flavour of the Cobnuts was carried by this sauce, while the heat is nothing to such hardened tasters as we have at the Chilefoundry who could probably just swig this direct from the bottle.

As a sauce to use as a dip for spring rolls or as a condiment with some jasmine rice, this sauce cannot be faulted. The great taste of a Thai Chilli Sauce, not sugary and that British twist of Kentish Cobnuts…..

You can order this on-line at their web site at £6.95 for a 250ml bottle, I wonder how well it would go with Turkey this Christmas?

Value (7/10)

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