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Death at the Crimson Altar is a new sauce from the Devon Chilliman named as the sauce has a dark red blood colour. Luckily for me unlike The Devon Chilliman my blood does not contain chilli seeds or any of the collection of super hot chilli included in this concoction.

Death At The Crimson Altar

All the chillies in this sauce have been grown in Devon, I hope some of you have been reading the monthly reports we get from The Devon Chilliman regarding his project at Channingswood Prison we are looking forward to this years reports.

Ingredients:- Moruga Scorpion 20%, Naga 20%, Red Savinas 10%, Carolina Reaper 5%, Vinegar, Beetroot, Mango, Salt, Mustard, Liquorice, Spices.

Bottle kindly provided by The Devon Chilliman

Well enough waffle, time to crack open the bottle and quench my blood lust. Opening the bottle and you just know this is going to be painful, there is that acidic aroma that comes from chillies just waiting to burn, a little hint of vinegar soon evaporates, so will I be slain on the Crimson Altar.

The simple answer is arrrrhhhh Yes, about 1/2 a teaspoon was by far enough, the searing heat is making writing this harder and harder ……a short break is required…… I would now like to say that the beetroot, mango, mustard and unusually liquorice all combined well with the chillies to….. But none of that would be true, I suffered greatly with hiccups and just a little chilli reflux before I could get to the fridge to find the milk and then off to the freezer for Ice cream.

I am sure I used to be harder that this or are these hot sauce makers/growers and becoming much more successful at the satanic arts of hot sauces, at £7.50 a bottle this packs a punch that this now ageing writer is starting to feel with a vengeance. This is a all natural sauce, no extract, for me it will be used very carfully to warm us my chilli.

Note: This was a few days ago, now recovered I have used this in cooking and am feeling much wiser, I have made a very tasty chilli with just 250g of best beef mince and a couple of finely chopped onions a little red wine and one small teaspoon of Death at the Crimson Altar, even that was enough for a good sweet, but the flavours from those chillies was worth it.

Value (7.5/10)

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Here are the results of the 2015 Peoples Choice Chilli Awards.

Best UK Chilli Festival 2016

  1. Great Dorset Chilli Festival
  2. The Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival
  3. West Dean Chilli Fiesta

Best New UK Chilli Festival 2015

  1. Reading Chilli Festival
  2. Wild Food & Chilli Festival
  3. Chilli land Chilli Festival

Best UK Professional Chilli Grower 2015

  1. The Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm
  2. Devon Chilliman
  3. South Devon Chilli Farm

Best UK-Made Professional Mild Chilli Sauce 2015

  1. Jalapeno & Bramley Apple Salsa – Hot-Headz!
  2. The Smoke Potion – The Chilli Alchemist
  3. Rookie Goblin – Grim Reaper Foods

Best UK-Made Professional Medium Chilli Sauce 2015

  1. Alchemy – Grim Reaper Foods
  2. Smoked Chilli & Garlic Sauce – Hot-Headz!
  3. Kashmir Chilli Pickle – Mr Vikki’s

Best UK-Made Professional Non-Extract Hot Chilli Sauce 2015

  1. Deadly Hot Naga Chilli Sauce – Hot-Headz!
  2. Maverick – Grim Reaper Foods
  3. Trinidad Scorpion Ketchup – Mr Vikki’s

Best UK-Made Professional Extreme Extract Hot Chilli Sauce 2015

  1. Who Dares Burns! Extreme Prejudice – Hot-Headz!
  2. Evil Twin – Grim Reaper Foods
  3. The Everlasting Flame – The Chilli Alchemist

Best New UK Chilli Product 2015

  1. Kashmiri Chilli Pickle – Mr Vikki’s
  2. Charred Remains BBQ Rub – Grim Reaper Foods
  3. Superhot Chilli Nuts – Daddy Cool

Best UK Professional Chilli Sauce Producer 2015

  1. Grim Reaper Foods
  2. Mr Vikki’s
  3. Upton Cheyney Chilli Company

Best UK Professional Chilli Jam/Preserve Producer 2015

  1. Mr Vikki’s
  2. The Wiltshire Chilli Farm
  3. Hot-Headz!

Best UK Online Chilli Retailer 2015

  1. Hot-Headz!
  2. Grim Reaper Foods
  3. The Dorset Chilli Shop

Best UK Chilli Confectionery 2015

  1. Chocolate – Grim Reaper Foods
  2. Popping Candy – The Chilli Alchemist
  3. Psycho Chocolate – Dr Burnorium

Best Contributor to the UK Chilli Scene 2015

  1. Matt Simpson – Simpson Seeds


Let there be a CHILLI WAR. This is a special fundraising event in aid of Cancer Research UK so why not come down to the Upton Inn at 2pm and watch some very well know super stars from the UK chilli world cook up there best.

Chilli Wars - Upton Inn

Confirmed cooks so far for this epic competition are:


Street is a local village to us, probably best known for the Clarks Village Outlet shopping centre which pulls in shoppers from all around, but seems to do little for the high street shops, but while visiting Clarks Village my son and I decided we wanted more that they offside for lunch so decided to take a walk along the high street.

Amigos Street

To our great surprise we came across Amigos, a small Burrito/Fajita outlet and decided we had to give it a go, the menu is simple you can select a Burrito, Fajita or Burrito Bowl (Burrito/Fajita ingredients without the tortilla), you then get a choice of the main filling, either BBQ pulled pork, Chilli Con Carne, Mexican Chicken or as a vegetarian option Mixed Beans. the finally add one of the salsa’s Corn, Tomato or Salsa Picante. There are a few optional extra’s I added to my chicken burrito some Jalapeños, while Antony had the Guacamole.

This was served wrapped in foil with a drink just a few minutes later, while not as spicy as expected it was very filling, and on each table was a couple of bottles of Cholula which I could have used to spice it up a bit.

All this was served with a cold drink for just £4.50, with the lucky local students getting a £1 discount.

Amigos Street

This is a great little find for a village in Somerset, while a little more heat would be required for our hardened diners, this is targeted as students of the local collage and the people of Street, which is not a major metropolis. We will definitely be back, but I may take then a few samples of hot sauces they can try out.

For opening times or to check out the menu visit

Value (7.5/10)


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