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The Dukkah Company Hot SandDukkah, Dakka, Dukka or Duqqa is a spicy mixture of herbs, nuts and spices. Its name from from the Arabic “to pound” and that is exactly how you make it, collect together your ingredients and pound them into mixture. It is often served as as a dry dip that you then dip oiled bread into.

As a spice mixture it is not limited to dipping, but can be used to season a salad, sprinkling over you soup or even mixing with some plain yoghurt and using to flavour some chicken before barbecuing.

I have tried a few dukkah recipes over the past decade, but this is my first one from The Dukkah Company that have passed across my desk. It looks very appetising with lots of sesame seeds and a few larger chilli flakes in the otherwise orange mixture.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds, Almonds, Fennel, Cayenne, Paprika, Chilli, Black pepper, Celery Salt.

I have set myself up ready with a few chunks of rustic bread and a small bowl of my best olive oil, now this one of the few times when it is acceptable to double dip.

First taste is a complete joy, not to hot, but warming, I can feel the texture of the sesame seeds and the warmth of the cayenne and paprika, with the black pepper with just a hint of the celery salt. Often the cheaper Dakkah mixes I have tried are far to salty, the balance here is just about perfect, it is irresistible combination that just seems to get better the more I dip.

Making your own Dakkah mix is not hard, there are lots of recipes, but this one is worth the £3.75 for the 65g pot and it is surprising how far this little pot will go. I have used about 1/3 of the pot so far. Tonight it will be used to sprinkle on some chicken pieces before being cooked in the oven. Then how about a sprinkle a little on some freshly cooked croutons to go with the salad.

Value (8/10)


Quote from the youtube entry:-

“Hot and spicy food is enjoyed around the world, but for some people, ultrahot peppers are more than a flavor profile, they are an obsessive passion. Join filmmaker Eric Raine as he travels across 3 continents to talk with the leading farmers, scientists, and food alchemists as well as the community of devoted “chileheads” who are using peppers in countless ways, from spicing up a bowl of chili to the point of euphoric pain, exploring capsaicin’s role in cancer research, and beyond. Raine seeks answers to these and other burning questions as he introduces you to the wide, weird and uniquely wonderful world of #crazyhot chiles.”

P.S. Did you spot ChilliDave (Clifton Chilli Club) or Miranda from ChilliPepperPete


Stogumber Music Festival
The Stogumber Music Festival (Somerset) includes a small but growing artisan food festival and they are looking for some of the local chilli suppliers to take some stands.

So are there any chilli companies who would like to be part of this festival on the 13 & 14th September should take a look at the Food and Drink Showcase where you can download a booking form and get a taste of the event or contact Kevin Walker via email at


Reviewers Wanted
Dear Readers

We are looking to rebuild the reviews team for the ChileFoundry. So if you would like to try some of the best chilli products in the world and then write or write/video your review we would be interested in hearing from you.

We are looking for reviewers from around the world. While the UK team will be supplied with products direct from ChileFoundry HQ we hope to cover other parts of the world with either guest reviews, or products shipped direct from local suppliers.

We have a stock of 100’s of products to review as well as new products arriving all the time.

Do you visit any chilli related events? We cannot cover them all from here in Somerset, we would love to get visit reports and photo’s from as many events as possible.

Please use the form below and let us know if you are interested, we will ask you to send in a sample review for us to evaluate, we are not looking for large numbers of people, just a few will do, with each expect to do 2-4 reviews per month.

We look forward to hearing from you.

David Floyd

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