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by Hot Juan is probably the worlds largest chilli blog with over 2000 pages, is one of the most widely read chilli blogs in the UK, the site is constantly updated with unbiased Reviews, News from the UK and around the world.

We target the UK Chilli Market and frequently attract between 450 and a 1000+ page views per day, a month’s advertising could generate 30K+ views of your advert.

We are well index by Google, with over 2000 pages indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing, you advert provides not just direct visitors to your site, it also provides 1000’s quality incoming links to you site.

Advertising is very limited on our site, we run small banner on the lefthand side of the blog, these adverts are currently run site wide, so you advert will appear across the whole site.

The banners are 180 X 150 px size and can link to any page on your site.

Please note: We accept gif and jpg file, no flash at the moment as our tracking system cannot work with it.

Advertising Rates

  • 1 Month £20
  • 2 Months £30
  • 3 Months £40
  • 6 Months £70
  • 12 Months £130

We also don’t count the number of times your banner is viewed or click on, but this will be coming soon

Please note : We only accept adverts from Chilli related business.

If you are interested in advertising on our site please contact us via our Contact Form

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