How about actors, eat a chilli and then recite some Shakespeare. Directed and photographed by Rosie Collins this really seem to bring some drama to the acting..

Finally here is James Rowland takes on the Komodo Dragon with out the editing.

I can see this being part of a chilli festival, maybe it would add a bit of culture? or maybe not.

30 pints of milk we are told helped in the production of these videos, for more please see Rosie Collins youtube channel “The Chilli Channel”


We show you how to make a chili flower garnish sometimes called a Fire Bloom or chilli florette.

With fresh chillies a very sharp knife or scissors, patience and a bowl of ice cold water ChilliDave shows us how to create this simple but ‘hot’ garnish.


Dragon's Egg made by Alf Turner ButchersSome of you will have got your hands on a Dragon’s Egg made by Alf Turner Butchers using Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce. Now, to celebrate the millionth Dragon’s Egg which is out there somewhere in the UK, Paul Turner, who won Dragon Peter Jones’s investment, is coming to Brighton’s Fiery Foods UK Chilli Fest to talk about what it’s really like in the Dragon’s Den, and to give away prizes aplenty on Saturday 19th September.

Chilli Pepper Pete has been collaborating with Alf Turner Butchers for 3 years and, to celebrate the millionth Dragon Egg, is running a competition. Just answer this simple question and the first three correct answers pulled out of the virtual hat will get a fabulous prize (including the Dragon’s Egg of course!). Entries to be sent to: info@chillipepperpete.com by 21st September.


How much Dragon’s Blood Original Mega Hot Sauce
has gone into 1 million Eggs?

The draw will take place on Tuesday 22nd September.

Good luck!

Note: This competition is being run and organised by Chilli Pepper Pete


Its always nice being sent something from a company I have not come across before. This time it’s a small producer from the New Forest

Pig’n’Pickles is a small company based on the edge of the New Forest, making homemade chutney to an exceptional standard. Passionate about good food their philosophy is that all their products are made in a domestic kitchen in small batches only with fresh ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives.

Pig 'N' Pickles Chilli Jam

The name comes from Trevor’s wife Cathryn who is very much dedicated to the idea of urban smallholding, keeping chickens & ducks, growing vegetables and rearing Pigs. Hence Pig’n’Pickles!

Ingredients: Red pepper, sugar, tomato (tomato juice, citric acid) red wine vinegar, chilli (1%) ginger, garlic.

For a home made small batch jam, the label design is perfect and beautifully done. The company logo and brand name is beautifully distinctive simple and all in black. Inside the jar you can see a deep tomato chutney kind of red with visible chilli seeds and everything looks very sticky as it should be!

At one percent chilli I have argued in the past whether a product can really be a chilli product but it does contain chilli so I should stop ranting really. When I open the jar I am thinking jam but smelling chutney. This is most likely due to the red pepper and tomatoes. The smell is very pleasing and immediately makes me think of a cheese board.

When you taste the chilli jam you can pick out every ingredient, they are all beautifully balanced. The pepper and tomato is obvious both in taste and aroma, I particularly like the hint of ginger that you can pick up too. To my surprise and slight disbelief you can also taste the chilli too, a lot more than I though. There some real heat in the taste, not to any impressive level as you might expect but a wonderful warming that lets you know the chilli is there before fading into the background and letting the jams other ingredients enhance your chosen dish. This is one jam that I want to have again and again, it feels a little ‘Christmas hamper’ that kind of treat food that you only deserve once a year or so but there’s no reason not to have it all year round

I have used this jam everywhere you would normally use jam, the difference is it’s just tastier than many normal jams. One lovely snack was cheese and chilli jam on toast, I wasn’t bought into the idea I must admit, but a layer of this jam underneath the cheese made for an awesome taste sensation.

A 190g jar will cost £3.95

Value (7/10)


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