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From Unique Fine Foods we have a green harisssa paste from their UniqueArabia range to sample and review. I have to say I have tried many red harissa pastes but never a green one before so I was interested to see if there was any real difference.

Unique Foods Green Harissa Paste

On the label “A delicious hot paste, a little goes a long way! why not try spreading over chicken before cooking or stir into a dip to add a kick” The label is that of a standard cooking condiment easily stored with your other spices. The jar is mini at only 90g but most harissa pastes are of a similar size so this is not a negative

Ingredients: Green peppers, green chilli (41.5%) olive oil, garlic, salt, spinach, caraway seeds, coriander, mint, lactic acid.

My first thoughts, is that’s a very precise amount of chilli listed in the ingredients, will the 0.5% make a difference? On opening the jar you are greeted with a combination of fresh aromas as if this was recently blended but they soon die away to the predicted processed dullness that is necessary to keep products like this alive. With the list of ingredients of was expecting a bouquet of flavours to hit my taste buds. Unfortunately not much happened, not wishing to do the product injustice I experimented for a couple of weeks adding to lamb kebabs, basting chicken and creating dips alongside bread and olives. I have to say this greatly improved the flavours. I believe it would also not be too overpowering on a nice fresh white baked fish. As for heat, I couldn’t detect any at all, not even gentle background warmth you generally get on consumer products. So this is not one for the chilli heads but one for the experimental cooks.

Unfortunately the Unique Fine Foods website is built and appears active but has virtually no content at time of checking in December 2015 see for your self as things may have changed by the time this review is posted http://www.uniquefinefoods.co.uk/ There is also a facebook group but the last post on this one is February 2015. I’m hoping the organisation is still going as they appear to have several brands. None of which I recognise but they cover a variety of interesting foods from around the world and appear to offer the service of getting new products onto the UK market.

I can’t find any current stockists but located a historic mention on Sainsbury’s with a mini review of “Good for lamb & other meats, & for vegetables. Can use in soups & stews. Interesting flavour profile that’s worth a try”

In Sainsbury’s the price was £1.60 so I’m guessing if you can still find it the price should be around there.

Value (8/10)

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