November 2015

A lot of you will already know Neil Smith and his company The Hippy Seed Company from his YouTube channel (it has had well over 3 million views). He has a chilli nursery at Umina Beach on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia where he grows over 70 different chilli varieties and Neil was one of the first (if not the first) to record video reviews of different chilli varieties he was growing.

Well we came across this old video about Neil made by Berk Bolluk that we think you will enjoy, it show you how chillies has changed a mans life.


We try this Bhut Jolokia(Ghost Pepper) Chutney made by a company called Ziffels-FeinKost which translated means Ziffels-Delicatessen based in Germany we crack it open and have a spoonfull…. Oh and we also know what ‘Scharf’ means and yep it is ‘HOT!’

Ingredients: Onion 39%, Orange, Naga Jolokia, garlic, sugar, soy sauce (Tamari 25% less salt and gluten-free), black pepper & olive oil.
Zutaten: Zwiebel 39%, Orange, Naga Jolokia 9%, Knoblauch, Zucker, Soja-Sauce (Tamari 25% weniger Salz und ohne Gluten), schwarzer Pfeffer und Oliven-Öl.

Made & available from: Ziffels-Feinkost

Priced at: €7.95 (Price correct at time of publication)
Jar size: 67ml

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Ever since I received my box of chilli products to review, this particular Hot-Headz product has sat on my shelf tempting me towards the Dark Side likes a Chilli Sith Lord (Darth Naga perhaps?). Looking at the ingredients I know that this product has 95% Carolina Reaper in it (currently the official worlds hottest chilli coming in at up to 2,200,000 Scoville Units {editors note: official world record is 1,569,3000 SHU}), which means it’s going to be painful and It’s likely to have some reaper-cussions but it tempts me nonetheless.

Hot Headz Hard Core Carolina ReaperThe product is a part of Hot Headz Hardcore range which prides itself on showcasing the flavour and heat of the chilli rather than any other ingredients. It comes in a 50ml bottle and retails at £6.99. The packaging is simple and effective and is consistent with the other products on in the Hardcore raneg. The ingredients (not many in this case) are listed as per usual, alongside the following statement: “The chilli, the whole chilli, and nothing but the chilli – That’s the Hot-Headz! Hard Core Range! No fancy herbs, spices or garlic – just pure unadulterated chilli puree flavour and heat. Just as nature intended. Only for the Hard Core!”

Ingredients: 95% Carolina Reaper® Chilli, salt, citric acid.
Bottle kindly provided by Hot-Headz

Now I have to be honest, I seriously considered whether or not I was going to try this product” Am I one of the Hardcore?” I thought to myself. “I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself Hardcore at anything”, I like my chilli sauce hot but this possibly the hottest extract free chilli product available. After much consideration, the fact it was unlikely to kill me became the deciding factor. So with some forward planning which involved me booking a Saturday in my calendar where, 1. I had no plans on the Sunday, and 2. also had the following three working days booked as annual leave, I decided to go for it.

I have to say I was unsure how this product should be used. Should it be primarily used as a food additive or as a hot sauce? Either way I opened the bottle and had a sniff. I instantly smell the fresh chilli and the saltiness, it doesn’t smell great to be honest, but I still load up a teaspoon of a puree and without hesitation shove it in my mouth. I can taste the flavour chillies and saltiness, it’s not a floral flavour but you can taste some of the fruitiness. This is followed by an intense burn that coats my tongue, roof of my mouth and my throat. My body is producing a lot of saliva and I literally feel the puree as it move down my throat and all the way to my stomach where it feels like it’s literally burning a hole. The burn builds and builds, my nose is running and I’m sweating. Strangely enough the burn in my mouth doesn’t seem too bad, but the feeling in my stomach is unreal. This sauce really is for the Hardcore.

Overall I found the flavour too salty for a sauce to have neat or as a dipping sauce. However, as a food additive this works great and as little will go a very long way, this product is reasonably good value. I added a teaspoon to a tomato sauce with meatballs which gave my meal a welcome kick.

With bonfire night fast approaching this is sure fire way of keeping warm when outside in the cold. You could easily add a teaspoon of puree to a chilli con carne or a sausage casserole, or even mix it with some ketchup to make an extra spicy hot dog, which is guaranteed to give you a bigger burn than any Guy you have sat on top of your bonfire.

Value (7/10)

Hot-Headz Hard Core Range

Also in the range are all the above.


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