August 2015

Purus; Adjective meaning Pure or CleanThis sauce is exactly that, The Chilli Alchemist AKA Jay Webley from The Clifton Chilli Club has used his knowledge of chillies gained from the clubs passion for exploring the offerings of sauce makers across the globe, to extract what is best about the Naga Jolokia, its sweet zesty but powerful punch. The other ingredients are merely a vehicle to support the Nagas flavour and deliver the long slow release of heat, which is expertly tempered to be not too overpowering, believe me its not for a chilli novice but also not so hot as to not be enjoyable and mask the base flavours.

Ingredients: Red chillies(Naga Jolokia & Cayenne), Carrot, Onion, Cider vinegar, Garlic, Sugar and Salt.

There’s a surprising salsa-esque flavour, seeing as there is no tomato (possibly coming from the cayenne), yet has the effect of refreshing the pallet with expertly balanced seasoning letting you taste the sweet, savoury and sour notes individually before combining in a satisfying aftertaste. The texture is loose with a fine chunkiness enabling it to pour freely from the bottle, Ive used it as a burger relish as well as adding to curries and chillies, but to use Purus as intended its best as a dip, allowing for the naga to be celebrated and not a side note to other foods.

The design of the label runs with the alchemists theme of medieval warlocks and mythology with a brooding deep red background contrasting black naga chilli surrounded by runes and symbols with the ingredients list on a stylized parchment. As with all the Alchemists sauces Purus is available in two styles and sizes, the standard bottle holds 148ml and costs £4.99, the larger (200ml) Apothecary bottle with its long wax sealed neck and elegant bowl comes in at £9.50 and is a must for the hot sauce collector or an extra special gift.

(8/10) – standard bottle
(9/10) – apothecary bottle
Value (8/10)


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