July 2015

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“Hot and spicy food is enjoyed around the world, but for some people, ultrahot peppers are more than a flavor profile, they are an obsessive passion. Join filmmaker Eric Raine as he travels across 3 continents to talk with the leading farmers, scientists, and food alchemists as well as the community of devoted “chileheads” who are using peppers in countless ways, from spicing up a bowl of chili to the point of euphoric pain, exploring capsaicin’s role in cancer research, and beyond. Raine seeks answers to these and other burning questions as he introduces you to the wide, weird and uniquely wonderful world of #crazyhot chiles.”

P.S. Did you spot ChilliDave (Clifton Chilli Club) or Miranda from ChilliPepperPete


Were we broken by Hoboken?! We try Hoboken Eddie’s Smoked Home Grown hot pepper sauce & give our verdict on this artisan sauce we found in the USA after a recent visit.

Ingredients: Assorted Smoked Hot Peppers (Habaneros, Long Red Cayenne & Jalapeños), Tomatoes, Vinegar, Citrus, Garlic and Sugar.

Made & available from Hoboken Eddie’s
Bottle Net Wt 6oz priced at $7.00 (Price correct at time of publishing)


Stogumber Music Festival
The Stogumber Music Festival (Somerset) includes a small but growing artisan food festival and they are looking for some of the local chilli suppliers to take some stands.

So are there any chilli companies who would like to be part of this festival on the 13 & 14th September should take a look at the Food and Drink Showcase where you can download a booking form and get a taste of the event or contact Kevin Walker via email at stogfoodshowcase@aol.com


I’m now pleased that finally I have over 2,000 Chilli plants now potted up into their final pots which are the Autopot 15L & 25L. I would like to say how extremely greatful I am to the companies who have supplied me with the growing media for this project at HMP Channingswood and they are…

Atami , Growth Technology, Nutrifield, Mills, Plagron & UGro.

I can honestly say “what on earth have I got myself into !!”, but on the other hand I love a challenge and to have such a massive passion for my chillies I am in my element and have now spent a whole month in the prison ,although my body is telling a different story as I never knew I had so many muscles that could ache.

Polytunnels Complete

We now have 4 of the 36M x 9M polytunnels up and running with the Autopot Watering System and hope to have the last three completed in just over a week,it’s been extremely challenging in the heat that we’ve been having the last few weeks,but the plants are thriving.

Heres some of the varieties that I’m growing this year…

Carolina Reaper, Sugar Rush Peach, Bhut Red, Borg9, Chocolate Borg9, Naga Morich, King Naga, Black Naga, Red Scorpion, Yellow Scorpion, Chocolate Scorpion, Fatalii Yellow, Trinidad Moruga, Red Ghost, Peach Ghost, Red Habanero, Yellow Habanero, Wartyrx, Yellow Pimple, Faces, 7 Pot Primo ,Shabu Shabu, Katy, Genghis Kahn & Apocalypse.

The pods are starting to appear as of the last week,so hopefully I will be able to share lots of pictures with you all soon.







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