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Today I am tasting and reviewing a bottle of Devils Brew Chilli Sauce kindly supplied by Adams Tasty Sauces

Adams Tasty Chilli Sauces Devils Brew Chilli Sauce_smAdams Tasty Chilli Sauces is a small family run business, first established in 2012. Their chilli plants are grown from seed and cultivated in the Dorset countryside. All their products are all manufactured by hand using the freshest locally grown ingredients, whenever possible, in their purpose built kitchen in Yeovil, Somerset.

Checking out their website you will see the quote “Chillies are used to enhance the flavour of food, so we make them so they are enjoyable! But we do have some really hot products if that’s how you like it.” I like this statement and approach, I have mentioned in the past chilli sauces are not just about heat, taste is very important too. But it’s good to know that when you need that endorphin hit from heat there are plenty of choices out there.

The Tasty Chilli Sauces website describes this sauce as a – Yellow, fiery hot devils brew with scotch bonnet chillies behind the heat of this lime based chilli sauce. A massive hot citrus blast from this all purpose sauce.

Ingredients: Yellow bell pepper, onion, white wine vinegar, limejuice chilli (9.8%) garlic.

First of all, the label, sometimes the part that can sell the sauce alone. This sauce has a nicely done design with a cool company logo that will draw anybody in for a look. But compared to other brands around there is little creativity to the label not doing the cool name any justice. This might put off some people who purchase ‘a chilli sauce by its cover’ lets hope the sauce inside can add a little more of a punch.

The sauce has a wonderful deep yellow colour and you can see hundreds of little pieces of the scotch bonnet chilli floating evenly distributed in the sauce which is great. Opening the bottle to breath in the sweet aroma of a fresh new sauce, my senses are greeted with mainly the smell of the white wine vinegar. I can’t pick up the lime in aroma, so hopefully it will come through in the taste test. The consistency is perfect for dipping, not too thick or watery.

Every chilli fan knows that you will always get great taste from a scotch bonnet chilli, this is why they are so popular in sauces. This sauce demonstrates this beautifully showing off what the scotch bonnet can do, there is even a nice texture as you can feel the tiny pieces of the chilli in your mouth. The simplicity of the ingredients allows your mouth to just enjoy the chilli’s natural flavour which is great. I am a fan of the taste of vinegar on food and in sauces so this was also pleasing to my palate. Maybe the chilli had numbed my senses slightly but I couldn’t pick up any hint of lime in this batch, perhaps it was helping balance the flavour in the background.

However, despite this being a tasty well made sauce with nothing wrong with it. For me this sauce seemed to lack some soul. It’s tasty, fruity and a decent level of heat you would expect. But although the simplicity allows the chilli to shine it does make this a rather basic and uninteresting overall flavour. This however depends on what you are after in your purchase and may suit what you want perfectly. Everybody likes beer and now you can get craft beer too. For me this sauce is like beer everyone should like it, perhaps I was hoping for a more complex craft beer taste but it certainly won’t stop me covering my food in it!

While writing this review I have also learnt that a modified version of the sauce has now been produced using habanero chillis rather than scotch bonnets so expect the same goodness with more punch!

One 100ml bottle of this yellow scotch bonnet goodness will set you back a mere £.3.50 but the generous people at Tasty Chilli don’t stop there are also offer you 3 bottles for £10.00 too. Tasty Chilli Sauces do attend the chilli festival circuit so look out for them at places like the Great Dorset Chilli Fest. If you can’t make it to a festival there are a few suppliers of their sauces listed on their website alongside a wide product list. So if you spot something you like you can email then direct to make an order. They will issue a PayPal invoice and ship you some chilli goodness.

Email: or tel/text: 07866 338717


Look out for the new habanero version coming your way!

Value (7/10)

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