OUSEvalley Hari’s Lime & Green Chilli Pickle

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This OUSEvalley Hari’s Lime & Green Chilli Pickle looks one of the most appetising product I have seen in while, the clear 300g jar show off the product perfectly. I love the simple label design which not only looks classy but is easy to read..

OUSEvalley Hari's Lime & Green Chilli PickleOn opening the lid, the aroma of limes is just amazing, with just a hint of the chillies and ginger. The flavour not only combines the limes with the green chillies and I am loving finding the roughly chopped pieces of lime and chilli in the mix, a day tasking chilli product does not get much better than this.

I am starting to need to get a curry on the go, this is such a great condiment for a spicy curry. The freshness of the limes helps rejuvenates you taste buds between mouthfulls. As always I have some rice leftover, a quick spoonful stirred in and the rice is transformed.

Ingredients: Limes 60%, Green Chillies 20%, Ginger, Garlic, Black mustard seed, Black onion seeds, Spices, Rapeseeds Oil, Wine vinegar, Salt.

The only problem with this product is while it is a generous 300g jar, it is not going to last very long, I am already planing mixing a spoonful or two in to some grated cheddar for what I am sure will be a sublime cheese on toast moment.

This is a stunning product, it looks good and tastes even better. So why not pop over to their web site and pop a jar into your basket, at only £3.95 you will agree that it scores very well on value for money. While you are there take why not take a look at the other products in their extensive range. I think you will be impressed.

Value (8/10)

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