June 2015

I wandered into The Works bargain bookshop today, just encase they had any bargains, and to my surprise they had a book I had not seen before. Danger Danger Hot Hot Sauce! was not an expensive book even when it was first published, but reduced from £6.00 to just £2.00 this is a complete bargain.

Danger Danger Hot Hot Sauce!

The book is divided up into 5 main sections:-

Introduction: Covers a basic history of chillies, a short guide to what you will find in a hot sauce and a guide to storing your creations.

Warming Up: Is a selection of recipes for the milder end of the spectrum of hot sauces, all of which included ingredients, instructions and a picture of what you are trying to make.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!: Here we have some interesting recipes including a Chimichurri sauce, and a Chipotle and Lime sauce that I will have a go at when time permits.

Blow Your Head off!: Are the hotter recipes that includes a Louisiana Hot Sauce, Adobo Sauce and a Sriracha Sauce to name just a few. The last recipe in this chapter is for “The Ultimate Hot-As-Hell Chilli Sauce” which is starting to look like it maybe a bit hotter than the rest with 8 Nagas and 2 Habaneros making just 175ml of sauce.

Saucy Recipes: is a short collection of recipes giving you ideas for how you can use the sauces you have made.

This book is a complete steal at only £2.00, I am sure it will not be available for long, so either pop down to your local outlet of The Works, or you can order online at www.theworks.co.uk

Recipes & Descriptions
Design & Layout


Autopot003Finally after almost six months of planning and frustration with various set backs the Prison project is very much back on track.So far there are over 1200 chilli plants on site and the others are almost ready to be potted into their final pots which will be a mixture of the Autopot 1Pot Module which holds 15Litres & the Autopot 1Pot XL Module.

I have a variety of substrates available to me to trial with this system and in due course I will be posting my findings as the season progresses.The polytunnels have been prepped for the laying of the white Mypex this should be a great help on the ripening of the pods as it will reflect the light up under the plants.

PlantsEach polytunnel will have a 1000Litre Flexi tank which will supply the nutrients of which have been made specifically to suit the growing of chillies and the water in the prison.in it and 7 rows of 40 Autopots so in total 280, I was supposed to be using 8 polytunnels but one was damaged in the storms so there will be a total of 1960 modules in total.

We were going to use more but decided to give each plant a metre so to allow it to grow properly. I have been working with four offenders and they are extremely keen and very willing to learn about the growing of chillies of which I find it rewarding to pass on the knowledge I have to them.






This is the first review I have done of a product from The Chillees, while others have reviewed a couple of their products in the past (HabApple Chilli Apple Chutney & Orangatongue Tingler Chilli Sauce) here at the ChileFoundry for me this is a first.

The Chillees Smoky Jo's Chipotle_smI found this product while visiting the Sherbourne Castle Country Fair a while back. The Chillees is a small family concern run by Nick and Francine Lee who grow the chillies and make the sauces just down the road from us in Taunton, Somerset.

The sauce comes in the standard sized 140ml bottle and as you will see from the picture it picked up a silver award from the Taste of the West organisation in 2014.

Open the bottle and it smells a bit like a chilli style tomato sauce, but once the more volatile aromas have escaped, I can still smell the tomato, but also the onion and maybe a bit of garlic. I am not expecting this to be a hot sauce with only 1% chipotle in the mix, but butternut squash is not something I often find in the chilli sauce, I love using them in soups as they give such a great texture.

The sauce is mild, but you can taste the smokeyness from the smoked Garlic and chipotle chillies, then a bit of sweetness with the onion, red wine and balsamic vinegar, it is not as thick as I expected but the flavour in excellent no single ingredient is overpowering, the combination works very well.

Ingredients: Onion, Tomato, Butternut Squash, Water, Red Wine Vinegar, Red Peppers, Sugar, Apple, Rice Vinegar, Smoked Garlic, Chipotle Chilli (1%), Worcester Sauce, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Mustard Seeds, Ancho Chilli, Paprika, Sea Salt.

A few teaspoon later and I can already see this going into some mayo as a mild dip, or mixed into mince before making burgers.. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.. I think we are having a BBQ this weekend..

I can see why this won a silver award, it is an outstanding sauce that would appeal the the whole family.

Value (8/10)


If you have some questions about growing chillies and herbs then the nice people at Battlesbridge Mills are having a on-line questions and answers session on the 12th June at 8pm onwards.

Answering you questions will be Alan, Ray and Rosemary Lodge. With over 50 years combined experience in horticulture they have been growing Chillies and Herbs for many years and won awards at the highest levels. These days as well as running Battlesbridge Mills Garden Centre they also commercial grow Chillies and Herbs which are sold all over the UK as well as selling Chilli fruit to various retailers.

Make sure to follow them on the social networks and you can then ask as many questions as you like!

Twitter: twitter.com/bbridgemills
Facebook: www.facebook.com/battlesbridgemills
Google+: plus.google.com/+Battlesbridgemills

They even have a page on their web site where you can ask your question now ready to be answered on the night.

They also have a large collection of chillies for sale in their on-line shop


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