May 2015

All the way from New Zealand we review this American Hickory Chili sauce made by Culley’s. Based in Auckland Culley’s make there own range of sauces also now stocking other sauces from around the world.

So lets see how this Hickory chilli sauce tastes.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Tomato juice, Acidity regulator(citric acid), White wine vinegar (wine, antioxidant (224)), Capsicum, Onion, Chillies (NZ grown), Sugar, Garlic, Liquid smoke flavouring, Salt & Pepper.

Culley’s story:- ‘Chris Cullen, or “Culley”, has always had a passion for food, and in particular the odd chilli here and there! Chris was a successful Chef in both Auckland and Melbourne for over 10 years, focusing primarily on corporate catering and private dining. During this time he was using only the highest quality ingredients, a mantra he has maintained to this day.’

Made and available by Culley’s
Bottle 150ml
Priced at NZD $8.90 (Price correct at time of publishing)


Two events coming this Saturday 23rd May 2015:-

London Wing Fest 2015If you are near London there is the London Wing Fest celebrating the humble chicken wing covered in a rich sticky chilli sauce… Tickets for this event may have already been sold out, but it is worth checking the web site

In Warrington there is the Chilli Village as part of the Warrington Food Festival. Organised by Chilli Junkies. They plan to have a selection of the best artisan and passionate UK based chilli producers as well has holding a regional heat of The Official UK Chilli Cook-off Association


If you have ever wanted to have a little help when starting a new business then a franchise may be the way to start. A franchise gives you a tried and tested range of products and access to expertise in selling and marketing your business.

Upton Cheyney Chilli Compaany FranchiseWell The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company has been running for the past 8 years and they are now looking to expand further afield. They are offering franchises that get your setup with your own chilli sauce retailing business. The Franchises sets you up with a your own mobile retail outlet ready to help service the growing number of Farmers Markets, Food Festivals, Christmas Markets and Summer Fetes that are popping up.

There are also oppotunities to find other outlets like pubs and restaurants, farm shops where a commission could be paid on sales.

Upton Cheyney Chilli Company Fruity Chilli SauceThere are two franchise packages available the “Ghost Pepper Package” includes everything you need to get started including:- gazebo, tables and rustic table covers, display boxes, branding, banners, heat mat, tasting sticks. While with the “Jalapeño Package” you would be responsible for sourcing these items yourself.

Both franchise packages come with enough stock (over 300 bottles) to cover the costs of the franchise once sold, leaving you with a small profit, after that you just pay for the stock at trades prices keeping all your profits, less your expenses.

The costs of these franchises are within the budgets of most budding entrepreneurs, but it is best to contact The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company direct by email and they will send you more information.


April arrived with all the presents that a man could desire and trials that would break many mortals. The prison project at times makes me think it may be easier to get out than get into Channings Wood Prison but it’s all starting to take shape.

Autopots Arrive

We shoe horned a 12 ton lorry with 16 pallets of growing media from Growth Technology through the gates with inches to spare and 2500 AutoPot watering systems, FlexiTanks, pipes and AQUAvalves from AutoPot UK.

So now all the tunnels are ready, the growing system is ready but one small piece in the master plan was missing! The plants? And lots of plants 2500 plants to be exact.

But what sort of plants? Should it be the run of the mill? Jalapeño, Nagas, or the super hots? After long hours and many Erdingers followed by endless calls to customers and sauce makers the DCM is going hyper hot! Tunnels full of the mythical sounding super hybrids, The Borg 9, Sepia Serpent, Genghis Khan, Apocalypse and the Kraken. Alongside will be 4 dedicated tunnels for commissioned grows containing some of the world’s most spicy and respected variety’s.

But this monumental grow had a slight problem! None of the hyper hots where available in any quantity in the UK this soon. So we needed a plan and a good plan or at least a man with a plan!

Dean Finley owner of the Chilli Lab was the plan! As early as October 2014 plants where being isolated as far afield as Italy for seed stock, as well as being grown out in the lab over winter in the UK. The Chilli Lab was fitted out with 14 deluxe VITOPODS, from Greenhouse Sensations along with a full range of T5 lighting from Growth Technology! it created one of the UK’s biggest hybrid chilliplant propagation facility’s churning out a staggering 1000 plants a month. Testament to the value of the VITOPOD and lighting T5 lights.
Chilli Lab 2Chilli Lab 1

As always, many thanks go out to Jason from AutoPot UK, Growth Technology and Jim Duffy, the Pepper King of Refining Fire Chilli’s and for the endless advice and support for this project.”


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