The Original Colvin’s Original Pepper Jelly – Video Review

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on May 11, 2015 · 0 comments

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Double Whammy double Jammy, well jelly. From we bring to you today mild and hot pepper jelly. Both products are of authentic Caribbean origin with the herbs and flavours. Despite it being Caribbean born and bred these two pots are from London where they are currently being made. Ingredients are pretty straight forward being mainly apple pectin,vinegar and 13.2% chillis. I found it strange that both of these have exactly the same ingredients but are different colour and different heat?? Can be only down to the chillis in my opinion.

The Original Colvin’s Original Pepper Jelly

So in go Scooby and mini Scoob, with his first online video review Mini scoob delves straight in without a second thought. Right, we are not completely sure what to make of these jars beside they taste awesome with a real nice jelly, not jam, but jelly texture to them. I know I know its meant to be a jelly but so many people say they have jely but it turns out they are jams. Real apple fruity flavour pouring out whilst the heat is not that aggressive. For my palette I found it very mild but obviously mini scoob said they were fairly warm.

I would say, in all honesty that the heat on both of these was pretty much the same. Has a nice heat however, awesome flavour and a nice stumpy jar so you will always find a place in the fridge for it, no excuse. And whilst the price of £2.99 is very good for this product, I would have to say that the postage of £3.50 a little steep. If anyone knows otherswise if this price of delivery is different then please let me know. Other than that it is a lovely warm fresh apple tasting sauce. Yum yum yum.

Value (8/10)

So until next time guys from Scooby and mini Scoob, If it burns going in it will burn coming out.

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