April 2015

Hot-Headz Trinidad Scorpion SauceLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls,and to all you other people in the world known as chilli heads.Today I feel priveleged to be trying a hot sauce with not only trinidad scorpions in, but with 57% of the bottle comprising of them. WOOOOOOHHHH Mild? I highly doubt it but lets see. 148ml bottle from Hot-Headz! And as always the labelling is top grade glossy HD in your face awesome. No BS just straight talking chilli-ish for us chilliheads to understand. Dark red sauce with seeds and such floating about and looks as though fairly thick but just about loose enough to pour. And as for the ingredients, well lets just say BOOOOOOO! Scared? I am.

Ingredients: Trinidad Scorpion chilli peppers 57%, Water, Natural preservatives, Acetic acid, Natural thickener, Xanthan gum, salt, ascorbic acid.

Bottle kindly provided by Hot-Headz

So pretty much just scorpions in a bottle. I dread to think how many pods go into each bottle. As many of us no, one scorp is usually enough to seal the deal and meet jonny cash the next morning.

Well here goes nothing, open wide here comes the airplane (sorry been talking to my boy to much) Spoon cleaned and tongue is instantly on fire. Awesome fresh chilli fruity taste from the scorpions and I cannot even notice the acetic or ascorbic acidity. It is literally like drinking scorpion juice which to be fair, is pretty much what it is. For me, there is no build of heat. It is instant. And when I say instant I mean stab your tongue with a million knives instant. The burn is insane and the flavour holds very well.

The label states it is good for marinating ect or as a condiment. For it to be a condiment Id say you really need to be a seasoned chilli head to be able to bang this down at every meal. This sauce nails everything spot on, heat and flavour. So much so that In have in fact just messaged Stu at Hot headz asking for another bottle as this one will surely not last me long. I want it with everything. This bad boy is only £5.99 and plenty of bang for your buck.

Scoobys advice….. GET IT!!!! Need I say more.

So until next time guys, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out 😉

Value (9/10)


Hello fellow Chilliheads/Growers

I’ve been just as busy in March to the point I don’t know where that month went !!


The plants are absolutely flying now and I’m now starting to think about potting on, I now have about 400 chilli plants in a lean-to which are under a grow light, this is the first time I’ve used such a method outside before but it does seem to make a difference in helping with the low light levels this time of year, I’m maintaining a minimum temperature of 10°C with the help of an LPG heater that I bought for the princely sum of £1.00 at a farm auction, this is set to come on if the temp falls lower than 10°C.


I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I have the amazing opportunity to use eight polytunnels which are going to be used in a unique project as they are in the grounds of HMP Channingswood. I have Collaborated with Autopot.co.uk on this and without their help & generosity this new venture would not have been possible, so a big thank you to all at Autopot for having confidence in me.

I plan to have around 1500 Chilli plants in the eight polytunnels and around 600 in my glasshouse of which are all in the process of being prepped. Here are a few pictures of where I’m at.





More next month as things progress for Cliff AKA www.devonchilliman.co.uk


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