Does Hot Juan gets a Bernie Bumm in Newcastle

by Hot Juan on April 27, 2015 · 1 comment

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Bernie Bumm at Quay Side Market NewcastleWhile this may sound like a local medical complaint it was not a major problem for me as the real Bernie Bumm is Earl Gough a hot sauce maker with a stall at the Quay Side Market each Sunday in Newcastle.

The name comes from one of the more delightful side effect of hot chillies. It was after a bit of a drunken evening and the local takeaways hottest curry that there was that now famous EUREKA moment and the idea was born to create some super hot sauces. After a few experiments and the lucky discovery of that well known back-side effect of chillies the name and the business was born.

There are now a number of sauces in the range including Original, Original Garlic, Smoky Original and Rim Reaper as well as a couple of new products on the stall for testing. Also available are Bernie Bumm flavoured burgers and sausages, but as they are make fresh on Saturdays you may have to special order them for collection at the stall.

You can order Bernie Bumm Hot Sauces online at but I do recommend a visit to the stall for a tasting. Expect a sauce review soon, we now have a bottle of the Rim Reaper sauce in the schedule.

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