Hot-Headz – Roasted Naga Deadly Hot Chilli Ketchup

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on April 16, 2015 · 0 comments

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If your anything like me then despite all your chilli cravings, hot sauce fetishes and just plain love for all that is hot but still fancy something a touch of the norm? Yup, I’m talking about ketchup. (Which has actually got me thinking, if a tomato is a fruit then is ketchup a jam?) Wouldnt it be great to find a product that caters for both? Many I have tried in the past have crashed and burned so in all honesty I dont hold out much hope for this one in the sense of its been done before and failed. The only glimmer of hope remains in the fact that its a product. Deadly hot chilli ketchup, Roasted naga.

Hot Headz Roasted Naga Deadly Hot Chilli Ketchup390g bottle with as per usual, the sexy looking glossy label. The bottle is a fair size so the label only covers the bottom half leaving the top to show off all its glory that is the ketchup. The sauce itself if rich ruby red with flecks of seed and black floating about. Typical consistency of a ketchup product and the only real tell tale sign that this is a chilli ketchup is due to the seeds.

Ingredients: Water, Tomato paste, Sugar, Roasted habanero (6.18%), Glucose, Naga jolokia (4.45%), Salt, Corn starch, Acetic acid, Onion, Ascorbic acid, Cinnamon and clove.

My apologies if this review is going to fast for you but dont worry…… you’ll KETCHUP 😉

Enough of the bad jokes, you want to know about flavour. Now this is a difficult one for me as I am not a big fan of the naga flavour at all, but as far naga goes this is pretty good stuff. You get the initial fruity sweet blast that is your typical ketchup but with a very noticeable roasted flavour coming through. Initial heat is fairly mild but it does not take long before this is rapidly ramped up quicker than a quick thing going quick. Sharp stabbing heat the floods the mouth on an awesome level. Fruity, hot and smooth textured, a very saucy little number this.

It is not your everyday run of the mill ketchup, this actually works as a chilli ketchup really well. But, seems to be a hell of a lot more versatile that your normal slap the bottom of the bottle sauce. With its heat and roasted flavour this would be great as an addition to pasta dishes and marinades. Great little all rounder with all areas complimenting each other. I stated earlier that I am not a lover of Naga, well I’m still not. But this sauce has the fruity sweetness of a tomato sauce, a lovely roast flavour too. An early(ish) heat from the habs followed by a creeping but hot hot tho burn from the naga. And for me, on a good note, not a great deal of naga flavour. Win win win win win. Seems to me as though the naga passes on more of its heat characteristics rather than flavour.

Looks as though this sauce is selling for a mere £3.99 and for what you get is peanuts in comparison.Worth every penny as its hot, tasty and a good size bottle. Defo one for a summer bbq. Lashings of it on your burger or on your hot dog if your a hot sausage lover.

Value (9/10)

Before I go,one last thing.

Knock knock!! (Who’s there), Ketchup……….. O how immature am i 😉

Remember guys, if it burns going in it will burn coming out.

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