Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Sauce

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Well its been a while my fellow fruity fire heads, but I’m back, I’m here to stay, and I have a number of awesome products to throw your way. So without further idle chit chat, lets see if my first product back is one for the shopping basket, or one for the bin…..

Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha Sauce

First up is ‘Mad Dog 357 Reaper Sriracha sauce and has been imported from Sudbury, MA by our good friends over at Hot-Headz HQ and can be purchased for £5.99 (product code AF-43) Obviously you can get it direct from Mad dog themselves but is more due to the import and shipping costs.

The sauce itself is in a fairly standard 148ml bottle with Mad dogs usual top notch branding style logos and images. Rich red sauce skulking about in the background and upon giving the bottle a little shake shake I can see that it is quite a thick sauce. This could be due to the use of Xanthamngum to thicken it up, or……. Lots of reapers inside and less medium used to fill the sauce out. Lets see what goes in this Mad dog beasty….

Ingredients: Red jalapeño puree, Cayenne sauce (with Distilled vinegar), Natural sugar, Carolina reaper peppers, garlic and Xanthan gum. Sample bottle provided by Hot-Headz

So basically chilli in a bottle with very little hyped up junk to distract your taste buds. And with the taste, I have to admit it is quite a difficult taste for me. Don’t get me wrong its a great sauce, but in different ways. When I tried a small amount I got a nice punch of heat, a slightly earthy fresh chilli smell followed by quite a powerful vinegar taste, which in all honesty is not my cup of tea. I know many of you chilli nutters out there are partial to a vinegar based sauce so its a winner there for you.

But on the other hand if you have a larger among, you know what I mean, I heavily dunked chip for example, and this sauce is completely different. Yes the heat is now blisteringly hot, bit on the obvious side really I know, it does have Reapers in ha ha. And with this larger amount the vinegar flavour has become near non existant allowing a powerful fruity, fresh chilli and garlic taste which is pretty damn good. Smooth texture, pours nice and steady and packs a punch that will make you feel alive followed by a regrettable burn. But we all know we love that burn he he Sadistic but enjoyable chilli sauces hey. I think the only improvement for this sauce would be to find a substitute for the cayenne sauce as that seems to be where the vinegar flavour is coming from and put in some fresh peppers different from the reaper?

But if your like me and going to tank the bottle in one meal then you will get an intense burn and lovely flavour rather than a taste reminiscent of your weekend chips with salt and vinegar only to realise you have no chips or salt, just vinegar. Not my favourite sauce by a long shot, but still will be one to buy every now and again. Great as a dipping sauce or marinade and even to be added to a curry to give it that lift of heat. Pretty decent sauce overall.

Value (8/10)

So until next time all, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.

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