January 2015

Each year Sea Spring Seeds runs its Dorset Naga Challenge to see who can grow the most pods on a Dorset Naga plant, in 2013 it was won by Michael Price with 401 red chillies from a single plant, but this was nothing when compaired to the 2014 winner Torbjorn Hogberg who managed 2,256 red chillies on a single plant.

Joy and Michael at Sea Spring Seeds have also themselves managed to harvest 2,407 red chillies from a single plant in 2013, that was nearly 10kg of chillies.

If you would like to have a go at growing a Dorset Naga for the 2015 competition visit their web site to see the rules

They have also published a video with how they did it, worth watchinh if you fancy ago.

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Our first review of 2015 is of a new product from a new company Orange Dog Hot Pepper Sauce who late last year sent us some samples in a an orange postal tube..

Orange Dog Hot Pepper Sauce_smThis jar or sauce has been ‘ten years in the making’ says Eric Focardi Dolling the founder of Orange Dog Hot Pepper Sauce, the sauce is manufactured in small batches, each is individually numbered in their home kitchen while the children are at nursery and school. This is a real cottage industry based in Welshpool Midwales. They also run a holiday Yurt business called Strawberry Skys Yurts just encase you are looking for a holiday while reading our web site.

On opening the jar you get a blast of fruit from the mango and apricots. The sauce is a pleasing orange colour, it is almost a paste in consistency, the first flavours comes from with the sweetness of the mango and apricots, which is soon followed by the warmth from the scotch bonnets, the second spoonful is even more fruity, this is one delicious sauce.

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Chillies (18%), Dried Mango & Apricot (preservative Sodium Metabsulphite E223), Onion, Garlic, Sultanas (Sultanas, vegatable oil), Water, Vinager, Turmeric, Salt.

Sample Jars provided by Orange Dog Hot Pepper Sauce

I think putting this is a jar is a necessity due to the thickness, it would probably not want to pour from a bottle, that thickness makes it a good addition to a sandwich or stir some into pasta as I have just done for my lunch.

I don’t think I have come across a sauce with this combination before, most of the mango sauces I have tried and much more watery, combining the fruity flavours with the scotch bonnet works very well. for a first product this is very good, I hope we will see Eric at some of the chilli festivals later this year. Otherwise you can order your own 174g jar for £3.50 plus delivery or £4.50 from retail stockists.

Value (8/10)


Press ReleasesWe are looking for stories and press releases to include in our web site and we just wanted to make sure you knew where to send them.

The ChileFoundry is just coming into its 7th year on-line, we have written nearly two thousand articles/reviews/news stories in that time (we are probably the largest chilli related web site in the world), we get tens of thousands of visitor each month, our best day was over 8k visitors.

If you have a new story that we may be interested in, please send it along, while we get traffic from around the world but 60% of it is from the UK, that is thousands of potential new customers.

When we publish your Press Release, we will edit it to fit our format just like any other publisher, we do not charge for publishing and we keep the right not to publish anything we see fit.

So next time you have an interesting story, a new product, an event or anything you wish to publicise please just drop us an email to info@chilefoundry.co.uk


All 66 bottle gone in 56 minutes.. over twice as fast as last year..


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