Tabasco® Brand - Chipotle and Smokey Bourbon Sauce and MarinadeThis arrived a little while ago at ChileFoundry HQ, TABASCO® is one of the world largest manufacturers of Chilli Sauces with it original TABASCO® Hot Pepper Sauce being first sold by Edmund Mcllhenny in 1868.

Well a few years ago we started seeing some new products all still based on the original sauce, one of my favourites was the Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce (See review) which was a mix of Chipotles and a few other ingredients added to the plup used to make the original.
Well this is an extension on that theme, they have taken both the Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce and more of the Tabasco Plup and combined it with lots of Tomato and Onions and a couple of percent of Bourbon and a little blended Scotch to make a new sauce/marinade.

Bottle Supplied by Manufacturer.

So what it like.. on cracking open the lid, you smell the tomato and a hint of vinegar and smokey chipotles, it pours with the consistency of a quality tomato sauce. The taste is when the bourbon and whiskey become part of the mix, they are not over powering, but add a nice highlight to the flavour which is otherwise quite sweet with a big lump of tomato and garlic.

Chilli heat with this is not really a problem with this sauce, it is mild, very mild, but that is not what this sauce is all about this is to slap on your burger or ribs, use as a dip with or without a dollop of mayo. If you want more heat add a splash of your favour hot sauce or even some finely chopped fresh chillies.

At £2.29 (Tesco 20/10/2014) for a 270g bottle this is on the good value or even budget side of the sauce market, it has an interesting flavour that will go down well with most people, ideal for the BBQ condiments table.

I must say like it I have paid a lot more for a sauce with must less going for it. It would go well with the craze for pulled pork that seems to be sweeping the country. Pulled pork being cooked at such a low temperature can take sweetened sauces as part of the cooking process, but I tend to add a rub and then mix the sauce with the pork once it has been shredded.

Value (8/10)


Bath Chilli Festival 2014Last year saw the first ever Bath Chilli Festival held on campus at the University Of Bath. Without going into too much detail, the event quite simply fell flat on its face. Not so this year!

Organisers Pete and Rich pulled out all the stops in the run up to this year’s event and I’m pleased to say that it was a huge success. Setting off to go and set up I was only 5 miles out of Stroud, just getting onto the A46 heading south, when I saw a sign post advertising the festival which is some 30 miles away. A good omen I thought!

The University is easy to find and access for set up was hassle free and straight forward. The first thing I noticed was that the show layout this year was far more structured. No great expanses of ground for tumbleweed to roll through! Once it filled up with visitors (and it did) this show had the feel of a summer fete – except with hot sauce, chilli, beer, cider…and sunshine! Yes the weather was kind, which is always a huge advantage.

There was a good selection of vendors from hot sauce companies to curry sauce companies, spice vendors, drinks, chilli plants and seeds, spicy sausages – all the usual, but not so many stands that the product offerings were duplicated. Entertainment was laid on in the main tent with local bands and performers, talks on chilli science, a curry cook-off and later the chilli eating competition run by the Clifton Chilli Club. For full details visit the website: http://www.bathchillifestival.com/index.html

Like a lot of other companies selling there I’m sure, I was too busy to have a proper look around! The show was extremely well attended and what impressed me was the number of “chilli virgins” who came just to see what it was all about. These are the life blood of any show. I always get a buzz from the sheer enthusiasm (and wide-eyed terror when being introduced to the hottest of the hot) that newbies bring to these events. Lots of visitors praised the show without being prompted and many stayed and made a day of it. The queues for the food vendors suggested that they all did good business.

The day seemed to absolutely fly by and breaking down after the show was made all the more easy by the fact that most of us had almost sold out of stock! Luckily my wife was coming to the show so after the first hour I was able to call to tell her to bring more stock and even then I sold out of many product lines. Happy days!

Organising, running and promoting a successful show is far from easy and I think Rich, Pete and all the staff that helped make the show such a success should be congratulated. I certainly hope they do it again next year.

Bath Chilli Festival 2014















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PeppesSauceHot_smOne of the first sauces that has winged it way to us at the ChileFoundry since we reopened for reviews has been Peppi’s Sauce. The sauce comes in a 150ml bottle and has a yellow colour, with hints of red..

On cracking open the bottle there is a lovely smell of mustard, vinegar and chillies, first taste is BANG with the chilli heat, and a good kick from the mustard, this is a good start to the day.

The heat does not last long and it not to extreme, but from such a simple list of ingredients this sauce makes my taste buds start popping, a second spoon is quickly required. again a good hit of heat, now I am truly awake and ready to go.

Ingredients: Pepper, Onions, Vinegar, Water, Mustard, Salt, Sugar.

Supplied by Peppi’s Sauce www.peppissauce.co.uk

The sauce is not thick or thin, it pours well and sticks nicely, idea as a condiment with some beef to replace my extra hot mustard.

Presentation could do with a bit of a work, the label has become marked during transit and it not up to the quality of the product, the web site has contact details, but no way of ordering, some simple PayPal buy buttons could solve this in a few minutes.

At £3.50 per bottle this is pretty good value, this bottle won’t go to waste, roll on the next roast diner.

I would give this sauce a definite BUY recommendation, great flavour, good heat level, not you standard fare.

Value (8/10)


PLAYBOY magazine and web site have been know for its fine articles, what other excuse would you need to possibly read it, well for me I have found one, they have ranked Hot Sauces.

PlayBoy Top 20 Chilli Sauces

Hot Sauce rankings are a personal thing, but it is always interesting to look at what other reviewers have found and this list brings a few new ones to me. The list is as you would expect very USA centric with all but one sauce being a brand from the USA or marketed in the USA for the USA.

That exception to this is at number 2 on the list and it is local Hot Sauce Hero’s Hot-headz and it is their Serrano Red Chilli Sauce.


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