Gibbering Smoke Hot Sauce by the Devon Chilliman

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This is the first time we have reviewed a sauce from the Devon Chilliman, you may have seen Cliff and Hayley at some of the chilli festivals as they run one of the best looking mobile chilli food trailers in the business.

Today sauce is called Gibbering Smoke, it get its name from a Habanero cross from Matt Simpson at Simpsons Seeds called Gibbering Idiot and the Smoke coming from the locally grown and smoked Chipotles.

Devon Chilliman - Gibbering SmokeOn opening the bottle the first smell is a combination of the Chipotles and the balsamic with the cider vinegar, this soon makes way to a sweeter smell as the vinegar dissipates. The aroma is very inviting so it is quickly out with the tasking spoon.

For me the first flavour is a combination of the sweet balsamic, this makes it way for the warmth from the Gibbering Idiot (I can see why it is so named) then as this calms down I can taste the chipotles and the apples, it is a very pleasant sensation and it rolls around my mouth.

A teaspoon may have been a bit much this early in the day, it is just after 9am in the morning and a sauce review always get the day started well, but now the top of my tongue and the back of the throat are feeling the afterburn, there is nothing for it but another spoonful.

Ingredients: Water, balsamic vinegar, chipotle chilli, white onion, cider vinegar, apple, light muscavado, chilli (Gibbering Idiot), salt, various spices.

Bottle kindly supplied by the Devon Chilliman

Don’t think of this as a sweet sauce, while I can taste the sweetness of the Ingredients this sauce is not sticky sweet, it is very much a big bang savoury flavour, if I was going to pair this it would be great with a bacon sandwich or a pulled pork roll.

This is a very good sauce, but it won’t last long in our kitchen. I cannot wait to try some more of Cliff’s product in the future, this is a very good start for the first product I have tasted.

On the label you will see that this sauce was made by the Wiltshire Chilli Farm for the Devon Chilliman using Chillies grown by the Devon Chilliman, I have visited the production side of the Wiltshire Chilli Farm and you could not want a more organised partner to work with.

You can order the sauce direct from the Devon Chilliman web site, it may seem expensive at £8.00 per bottle but that include delivery, if you purchase more of any one items it gets a lot cheaper per bottle, but unfortunately the shopping basket does not combine items so a mixed basket can seem expensive.

Value (7/10)

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