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PeppesSauceHot_smOne of the first sauces that has winged it way to us at the ChileFoundry since we reopened for reviews has been Peppi’s Sauce. The sauce comes in a 150ml bottle and has a yellow colour, with hints of red..

On cracking open the bottle there is a lovely smell of mustard, vinegar and chillies, first taste is BANG with the chilli heat, and a good kick from the mustard, this is a good start to the day.

The heat does not last long and it not to extreme, but from such a simple list of ingredients this sauce makes my taste buds start popping, a second spoon is quickly required. again a good hit of heat, now I am truly awake and ready to go.

Ingredients: Pepper, Onions, Vinegar, Water, Mustard, Salt, Sugar.

Supplied by Peppi’s Sauce

The sauce is not thick or thin, it pours well and sticks nicely, idea as a condiment with some beef to replace my extra hot mustard.

Presentation could do with a bit of a work, the label has become marked during transit and it not up to the quality of the product, the web site has contact details, but no way of ordering, some simple PayPal buy buttons could solve this in a few minutes.

At £3.50 per bottle this is pretty good value, this bottle won’t go to waste, roll on the next roast diner.

I would give this sauce a definite BUY recommendation, great flavour, good heat level, not you standard fare.

Value (8/10)

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