PLAYBOY – The Best Hot Sauces: Ranked

by Hot Juan on September 30, 2014 · 0 comments

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PLAYBOY magazine and web site have been know for its fine articles, what other excuse would you need to possibly read it, well for me I have found one, they have ranked Hot Sauces.

PlayBoy Top 20 Chilli Sauces

Hot Sauce rankings are a personal thing, but it is always interesting to look at what other reviewers have found and this list brings a few new ones to me. The list is as you would expect very USA centric with all but one sauce being a brand from the USA or marketed in the USA for the USA.

That exception to this is at number 2 on the list and it is local Hot Sauce Hero’s Hot-headz and it is their Serrano Red Chilli Sauce.

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