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Being a great admirer of world cuisine, Ben at Capsicana sure knows his stuff. From a young age he has been into the chilli world and his range of sauces have been popping up in our reviews for a while now. Its not just sauces they supply. Capsicana have a huge range of seeds, beans, herbs and spices, powders, whole chillies, recipe kits aside from the sauces they make!

The whole branding on all of their products is very standardised. All black labels with the Capsicana logo and text on.This is perfect. Everything is so neat and tidy, easy to read and collect. This label is marked with a 3 out of 5 heat level and banded around the bottom of the label states ‘Hot & Smoky Gourmet Chilli Sauce’.


Water, Vinegar, Tomatoes, Onion, Sugar, Habanero Chillies (2%), Chipotle Chillies (1%), Salt, Spices.

Bottle kindly supplied by Capsicana

This sauce, in a whopping 150ml bottle, is a deep red, relatively thick and smooth with the occasional seed and herb piece floating around.  The smoky chipotle scent escapes the bottle upon opening.  A background concentrated tomato smell brings the delicious fruity Habanero flavour with it.This pours very smoothly onto a spoon with ease.Immediately the vinegar hits the sides of the tongue and wakes you up.

The sweetness quickly takes the sharpness away and readies you for the real flavours. The onion and chipotle chillies come together and spread the habanero heat out over the tongue, back of the throat and behind the lips for an all over assault on the mouth.The afterburn is quite significant and after a while you just taste the smoky heat of the chipotle.This I feel would lend itself very well to a barbeque day.As a burger sauce if you like them hot.As a marinade for a nice mackerel or salmon.A dip for a game night, party evening, lads night in etc, or simply something to dip your chips in.

Available from their website for £3.80 for 150ml, you’re in for a treat.

Value (10/10)

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