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by Lady Cin on February 2, 2014 · 1 comment

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Handmade in Bonnie Scotland (Och Aye!), Chillilicious is a Mother/Daughter team who certainly know how to create some delicious jams and sauces. As well as oatcakes (which were reviewed earlier this year) I own a fair few pieces of the handmade glassworks that Daughter Stacy lovingly makes in her glass kiln all the way in Ceres, just south of Dundee. A beautiful combination of culinary and glass art.


Pineapple (45%), pear (30%), sugar (24%), lime, cardamom pods, apache chilli.
Suitable for Vegetarians, may contain traces of nuts.

Jar kindly supplied by Chillilicious

In a whopping 135gram jar, simply adorned with a white label, this medium yellow/orange jam, packed full with flesh and seeds teases your tastebuds.It smells like a summery pineapple jam.  Very sweet, with a softness from the pears and a hint of the lime to keep you reminded that this is no ordinary pineapple jam. 

Its not as set as most other jams you would find.  The consistency has a slight thick but fluid motion to it.The pear and pineapple is in large but very soft pieces, giving you a mix of different flavours and textures with each bite you take.The apache chilli flesh is in small quantities dotted about the jam, but don’t let that fool you.The heat is very subtle, so subtle in fact, that you wouldn’t realise it was there until a good few tastes in.Its a slow warming heat that isn’t intrusive or unpleasant.The sweetness of the pear and pineapple, with the combination of the chillies in such fine quantities is a very moreish delight.

I would personally love to try this in a victoria sponge cake with a twist.I feel the sweetness would lend itself well to a summery dessert.With ice cream as a compote style addition.Of course on toast and in a sandwich.I would also suggest using this instead of a mango chutney to accompany a sweet curry dish.

Available via their online shop for £3.50, I think this is a very good price.  Next time I see these guys at an event I am picking up a few of these!

Value (10/10)

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avatar Me February 3, 2014 at 11:48 am

Another 10/10 review? Seriously?
Do you have tastebuds, or are you just ass sucking all the makers.

Your reviews suck.


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