February 2014

Just wanted to thanks Chris and the team for the keeping to site alive with reviews, it is a thankless task updating a blog like this, so for a while the site will not be updated like it has been.

But we will be keeping the events section open and up to date, and every once in a while we may publish the odd article/review or news item.

The site is being locked down a bit to save on maintenance time, but this will hopefully just improve performance.




David Floyd


I have been Editor of Chilefoundry for nearly 18 months now, and it has been really enjoyable to have been allowed to take on the role of editor by the site owner David Floyd. I took over because David was becoming too busy to run the site.

Now unfortunately I have come to the point in my life where I can no longer give the site the time it deserves. The site has grown to the point where it requires daily input, and that doesn’t include all the site updates/backups etc which David continues to try and carry out.

Many readers and producers who send us review products are often amazed when I tell them that the whole review team, including myself write and keep the site running as a hobby. We all have full time jobs and family commitments which have to come before Chilefoundry, and it is for these reasons that I can no longer carry on keeping the site going. This has become a full time hobby in itself.

Unfortunately for reasons beyond my control, this will mean that there will be no editor taking over which means there will be no new content posted, the ultimate future of the site is not decided yet. The existing content will still be viewable for the meantime.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Floyd for letting me step into his shoes, and to the team which have made Chilefoundry what it is over the past years.

Namely Darth Naga aka Tony Ainsworth, David Kelly, Martin ‘Scooby’ Arnold, Marty Greenwell, Lady ‘Cin, Rob House, Clare Cameron, James Fowkes, and new members of the team The Shepsters.

And a massive thank you to all the companies, producers, manufacturers who have contributed/helped out too.

The final thank you goes to you the readers, thank you for visiting to read our reviews and watch Darth Naga put himself through a lot of pain.

To all those producers who have sent us products and not yet received a published review, the aim is that these items will still be reviewed, albeit not on here but one of the team, Marty Greenwell is in the process of setting up a new Chilli site from scratch called Chillifiends where the rest of the team will continue to review your products and this is where all outstanding Chilefoundry review products should be reviewed.

I am still going to be involved in the UK Chilli scene, attending as many events and festivals as time will allow, and will continue to monitor our email address, info@chilefoundry.co.uk and our twitter page for the immediate future, as these take less time to deal with.

I hope the Chilli Community will understand my decision, and I look forward to seeing a lot of our UK readers at festivals this year.


Chris Saunders – Editor


Being a great admirer of world cuisine, Ben at Capsicana sure knows his stuff. From a young age he has been into the chilli world and his range of sauces have been popping up in our reviews for a while now. Its not just sauces they supply. Capsicana have a huge range of seeds, beans, herbs and spices, powders, whole chillies, recipe kits aside from the sauces they make!

The whole branding on all of their products is very standardised. All black labels with the Capsicana logo and text on.This is perfect. Everything is so neat and tidy, easy to read and collect. This label is marked with a 3 out of 5 heat level and banded around the bottom of the label states ‘Hot & Smoky Gourmet Chilli Sauce’.


Water, Vinegar, Tomatoes, Onion, Sugar, Habanero Chillies (2%), Chipotle Chillies (1%), Salt, Spices.

Bottle kindly supplied by Capsicana

This sauce, in a whopping 150ml bottle, is a deep red, relatively thick and smooth with the occasional seed and herb piece floating around.  The smoky chipotle scent escapes the bottle upon opening.  A background concentrated tomato smell brings the delicious fruity Habanero flavour with it.This pours very smoothly onto a spoon with ease.Immediately the vinegar hits the sides of the tongue and wakes you up.

The sweetness quickly takes the sharpness away and readies you for the real flavours. The onion and chipotle chillies come together and spread the habanero heat out over the tongue, back of the throat and behind the lips for an all over assault on the mouth.The afterburn is quite significant and after a while you just taste the smoky heat of the chipotle.This I feel would lend itself very well to a barbeque day.As a burger sauce if you like them hot.As a marinade for a nice mackerel or salmon.A dip for a game night, party evening, lads night in etc, or simply something to dip your chips in.

Available from their website for £3.80 for 150ml, you’re in for a treat.

Value (10/10)


The brains behind the Twisted 7 organisation is a chef and winner of a second place fiery foods award for their one sauces the delightfully names Organ Grinder! If you ask Dean “why twisted 7” the answer you will get is “it’s as simple as lucky number 7, I was born on the 7th and there are 7 letters in twisted”

The bottle is a standard 100ml and matches the rest of their range in size, shape and label design. The shape of the bottle does unfortunately make it look smaller than bottles used by other producers. Rather than any pictures that stand out Twisted 7 have opted for a running graphical theme across all their labels with different colours for each different sauce. As a result the set looks nice when altogether and lined up.

On the label you will also find this from the brains at Twisted 7

“This is not your average BBQ sauce it has more in common with a Carolina style BBQ sauce – this is based on an old family recipe that will blow your perception of BBQ sauces/marinades away. Super tangy and packed full of flavour, give it a go, it’s sure to make your burger taste better – marinade your meat before BBQing and get a proper bit of pork, or using it for basting your best bit of beef!”


Tomato Sauce, Tarragon Vinegar, Onion, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Worcester Sauce, Garlic, BBQ Seasoning, Salt, Tabasco, Chipotle Chilli Powder, Cumin, Smoked Paprika, Sage, Bayleaf

Bottle kindly supplied by Twisted 7 sauces

The Carolina Charm sits at the low end of heat in their hot sauce range with their own classification of 1.5 heat level. The ingredients only specify Tabasco and chipotle, but not what percentage, so I am not expecting much in the heat department here. However as a big BBQ fan, lover of rich both smoky sauces and South Carolina cooking what I am hoping for is a nice tangy BBQ sauce with all the feel of the Deep South!

This sauce is thick, making it ideal to stick to any meat; the aroma brings out the cumin and tomato with so far only a sense of the south. The first mouthful tastes a little like a liquid version of many South Carolina dry rubs I have tried. Perhaps I have been swayed by a recent Caribbean trip and the wonderful tangy fruity sauces they offer but I’m not sure if using this as a dipping sauce works well as isn’t doing the product much justice based on their description given by Twisted. So to give it a chance I am going to check out how it performs on a BBQ and mix it with some meat.

With anything South Carolina what I want to get that home made mammas cooking feel that makes me think of Bubba Gump shrimp. Though this sauce undoubtedly has the ingredients of the south in it for me it does not feel right. I am overpowered by the cumin and missing any kind of warmth from the chilli I would like.

The chipotle too has wonderful flavour and aroma as we all know but I can’t pick up even a hint of it. However on meat, this sauce does perk up a little mixing with the juices of a burger or slightly caramelised on chicken or a nice rack of ribs I am reminded of the flavours my palate is looking for. This sauce will no doubt add some unusual tasty flavours to your regular cooking and bring a change to regular BBQ sauces but sadly I don’t think it will have you reaching for more too soon.

In the summer hold a South Carolina themed BBQ party and add this sauce to your collection on the day and enjoy you won’t be disappointed. But as winter sets in, this sauce didn’t charm me, it won’t keep you warm and will leave you wanting more from it.

This 100ml bottle is £4.00

Value (5/10)


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