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As some of you may know, Russell at Grim Reaper Foods has made some great sauces.  Since his discovery and award winning at the Fiery Foods Festival in 2010 there has been no stopping this guy. In three years he has made such a name and design for his outstanding products that sell themselves. Russell’s slogan ‘Heat that comes for you‘ really does what it says.

Pestilence is one of the newer products, with two years in the making and perfecting this clear white rum syrup with extract for added pleasure.

Sugar, Distilled Vinegar, Coconut Rum, Distilled Malt Vinegar, Chilli Extract 1/2 Million SHU
Contains Barley Gluten

Bottle purchased from Grim Reaper Foods

I was supplied with a clear pre-label edition 100ml bottle which is a simple clear label with simple red text.I rather like this effect. You can really see the syrup is truly clear.The syrup inside is lovely and thick.The lid opens to a pouring spout which is very handy. The immediate smell is vinegar with a subtle coconutty alcohol scent running along behind it. On its own, straight from the bottle it tastes immediately sweet followed by the coconut rum flavour. 

The intense heat shortly follows. That incredible extract heat that burns everything it touches, but unlike other extract sauces there is no metallic aftertaste, something that Russell takes pride in.

With the Sugar coating every part of your mouth, the burn sticks to every part for an all over tongue stimulation. 

Now on its own it is quite powerful, but as an addition to a cocktail this is amazing. Russell sent me some cocktail ideas (not being much of a drinker I don’t really know the first thing about how to make a good cocktail. Having two sisters helps!)I put one and a half teaspoons into a litre of pineapple juice and it definitely made a difference to taste and added a little punch to the drink. It certainly softened the flavour of the pineapple. I also tried a dash in a Mojito and Gin and Tonic.

By this point I was demanding more and falling off my chair! It isn’t too hot that it will be distinctively noticable (depending on how much you choose to add), but it livens up any mix of drinks you decide to make and is well worth a try.

Not just for alcoholic beverages.As a syrup I would suggest trying on ice cream or fruit salad. Perhaps putting a little on a salad with goats cheese. Experiment!

Available directly from Grim Reaper Foods for £4.95, a little goes a long way and you won’t be disappointed.

Value (6/10)


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