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The Mad-Ass Chill Sauce Company based in Croydon run by Dave Etheridge & Tony Walker have a wide range of sauces with lots of different flavours and unusual combinations. Their product that I have for review here is no different and I don’t believe there are other chilli sauces out there using Thyme as a main ingredient. However with chilli sauces becoming ever more increasingly mainstream, why not make a sauce that incorporate a herb which compliments most meats so well?

The familiar Mad-Ass menacing chilli appears on the front of the label and as with other Mad-Ass products there is a QR code on the label but strangely when scanned the product is incorrectly identified as their ‘Double Smokey’ product.


Green bullet chillies, Cider vinegar, Demerara sugar, ‘The Garlic Farm’ garlic, Lime juice & zest, fresh thyme, fresh root ginger, rock salt, cracked black pepper

Kindly supplied by Mad-Ass

The sauce is a rich green colour with flecks of black pepper throughout and although I can see that the sauce is somewhat pulpy, it seems quite fluid in the bottle. Opening the bottle I get a big hit of a fresh zesty citrus aroma from the lime and ginger; strong undertones of thyme with hints of cider vinegar and salt are also present.  Pouring the fleshy sauce onto a spoon I can see bits of garlic, chilli flesh and thyme throughout it. When tasting, the lime and ginger flavours are very much at the fore with the sharpness of the lime being well contained by the sweetness of the sugar. The flavour of the bullet chillies, thyme and garlic then come rushing through and peppery tones remain in the aftertaste. The heat from the chillies begins to attack the back of my mouth but the burn effect is quite mild.

Labelling on the sauce indicates it’s to be a marinade not a condiment sauce so I’ve got to try it as such. Thyme is a great accompaniment to most meats but I particularly like it with lamb. Alas much as I suspect it would work really well with that I don’t have any lamb at home so instead I’ve to make do with marinating some peppered mackerel in the sauce.

Some hours later after marinating and cooking the fish, I get to taste it again. The sauce has done a good job in complementing the flavours of the mackerel. It cuts through the oiliness of the fish well and the thyme & lime flavours have really intermingled and work well together. The zesty of the lime is still there but not as sharp as uncooked. I have to say it whilst it tasted nice ‘neat’ from the jar, it tastes even better when cooked.

Overall a great tasting marinade sauce – one worth trying if you are looking for something with a more unusual flavour. Available from the Mad-Ass website at £5 for a 150ml bottle (as pictured) or £2 for a small 30ml taster.

Value (7/10)

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