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This time I have Hot-Headz! Roasted Naga Ketchup as a treat to review. Since 1994 Hot-Headz has been one of the leading supplier of authentic, speciality chilli pepper products in the UK. This is the hottest of their ketchup range and features the Naga or Ghost Pepper as it’s also widely known. I must first admit that on receiving the sample I read the label and thought this would just be a tomato powerhouse with no real taste so put off the tasting for a while, luckily not too long though!

Hot-Headz explain how they roast the Nagas before smoking this rich tasty hot ketchup to give unbeatable flavour and heat you’ll never go back to dull supermarket ketchup again once you’ve tried this masterpiece

Bottle kindly supplied by Hot-Headz



Water, tomato paste, sugar, roasted Habanero chilli (6.16%), glucose, Naga Jolokia chilli (4.45%), salt, corn starch, acetic acid, garlic, citric acid, onion, ascorbic acid, cinnamon, clove

On opening the bottle your senses are not hit with the impending doom of death by Naga as I expected, but a rich smoky homemade ketchup smell with just a hint of spice. Here came the second challenge and delay in writing this review, on tasting the sauce I got distracted by the wonderful taste and had to stop writing and just enjoy. Several attempts later I managed to resume writing.

The sauce has a full on fruity flavour that’s very rich and tangy coupled with nice long low burn to it. With the flavour this ketchup packs it can be used with anything and should remove that bog standard ketchup bottle you have in your kitchen forever. Its worth noting that though the sauce contains Naga and refers to itself as ‘HOT’ and displays a 5 chilli rating ‘extra hot sauce’ on the label. I found the heat very mild compared to expectations, this is a good thing.

Don’t be fooled though, this is a hot ketchup no doubt and would obviously beat the pants off any supermarket ketchup that claims to be ‘chilli’ just don’t be afraid of the label and grab yourself a bottle to enjoy.

The 390g bottle is a mere £3.99 more pricey than a bottle of Heinz but worth every penny.



Value (6/10)


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