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So we’ve been reviewing Lily’s Chillies products for over two years now, we’ve seen a range of ketchup sauces and recently been devouring their Jelly range. Always smiling at the Chilli shows I see them at, they are a lovely husband and wife team who source local produce as the base of their operation.

In a squared jar, following their range, the only difference in labels and jams (apart from the contents of course) is the corresponding labels to the colour of the product. As you can see here, the tomato chilli jelly is a lovely golden red colour, the label a vibrant metallic red.In keeping with the homemade theme, the label is just a simple yet eye catching design, nothing over the top just classy and elegant.


Tomatoes (49%), Sugar, Lemons, Scotch Bonnet Chillies (3%), Pectin.

This rich golden red jelly is thick and opaque, holding rather large bits of flesh inside.  Obviously your jar may vary to mine, but the large fleshy pieces give it a true homemade touch and a different level of texture and flavour to it.  The back of the label says this is 3 chillies hot.

Removing the lid from this jar, I can smell hot. Hot sweet scotch bonnets fill the nostrils with their tease of heat and burn.Some seeds greet me at the top of the jelly.The jelly is smooth in texture, with the occasional flesh. The taste is sweet, with a growing warmth.I was expecting, as with most tomato based chilli products, to be overwhelmed by the tomato flavour. Despite the percentage of tomato in this jelly, I don’t really taste much of it. This is a good thing!If I wanted to have a highly tomato flavoured chilli product I could go anywhere else. This is perfect.

You have a delightfully thick and smooth jelly packed with the sweet full flavour of the scotch bonnet chilli. The heat builds with every sample you have, leading to an all mouth and throat buzz.I forget that sometimes the percentage of the chilli involved isnt a direct measure on how hot it could actually be.Whilst Lily’s chillies measured this at a 3 our of 3 on their heat scale, I underestimated that, and have to admit that I was wrong.This is hot!A slow burner but as far as heat goes, don’t doubt it.

Lily’s Chillies suggest using this in a cheese sandwich. This was used greatly on the Christmas dinner table with crackers and all sorts of cheese. Also used for prawn crackers, as a replacement for mango chutney with indian food. I may even stick it in a toastie later. I think this would also go very well with sausages.

Available on the Lily’s Chillies web store for a mere £3.85 for 220g of this beautifully hot jelly.

Value (8/10)


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