Jumokeh – Chilli Jam with Tarragon

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Jumokeh‘ means ‘Loved by everyone’. Chad Schuessler wants everyone to love his products. Hand picked produce, with a very intensive and dedicated preparation methods ensures that these jam products are like no others on the market. They are smooth and luxurious, thick and delightful. The guys at Jumokeh don’t mix or complicate the beautiful flavours of chillies with vinegars, onions or other filler ingredients. Just a select few herbs and fruits to bring out nature’s finest flavours.

I was lovingly supplied a small 42 gram jar of this beautiful russed coloured jam.I am told that since sending the sample jar into us and myself being able to review it, the labelling has changed somewhat, so I can only comment of the product I was given. The jar holds a bright green logo with a cute cartoon looking African Grey parrot. On the left there is a list of ingredients, and the right the website address where you can purchase more of these delicious jams.


Sugar, Sweet Red Bell Peppers, Chilli, Lemon, Tarragon.
Suitable for Vegetarians  ***

Jar kindly supplied by Jumokeh

Upon opening this jam, you get a sudden whiff of sweet lemony goodness with an unmistakable liquorice smell.The jam is so thick it refuses to come off the spoon.Holding very fine pieces of herb inside, this jam melts in your mouth, releasing bursts of flavour.  First you receive the softness of ripe red peppers.The slight buzz of the chilli warms the palate and allows the sweet zing of the lemon to pop into play.The warmth of the chilli increases in the background and the tarragon becomes more noticable and really brings the jam together. 

Jumokeh suggest using this product on grilled salmon, pasta dishes, and kebabs.I like the idea of mixing it in with a Bolognese, or warming it up slightly to pour on a good hearty salad.

Available in 228 gram jars from the Jumokeh website for £3.75, this is a delightful jam not to be missed.  Look out for more of their jams on their website.

*** Since receiving the jam, the company have revised the labels of the jam jars, they have altered what is displayed on the ingredients in regards to percentages of each ingredient. The quality of the labels has been improved too. The ingredients are the same, however, they no longer list percentages of every ingredient. They only list the percentages of particular ingredients for each product.

Value (8/10)


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