Darth Naga vs The Evil Chefs – No 1 Pure 100% Evil Naga Chilli Sauce

by Darth Naga on January 23, 2014 · 1 comment

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Happy New Year Chilli padawans!! Hows the new year treating you? Mine was amazing, thanks for asking!…oh…you didn’t ask?..hmm…

ANYWAY! Here it is, the first video review of the year, and it’s a blinder! I have a sauce that was crafted by two very evil gentlemen, a couple of swedish guys, Marc and Jimmy are  known to the world simply as “Evil Chefs” and they have a penchant for creating some truly evil, but great tasting things..and this my friends…is one of them!


Fresh Naga Chilli, Cider Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Water.

Bottle kindly supplied by The Evil Chefs

A rather simple list of ingredients as I’m sure you’ll agree, but if you look on the Evil Chefs website you’ll see that pure evil doesn’t need to have many ingredients, its all about the process and application of such a product!
Know simply as “No.1 pure 100% evil” the evil chefs have this down as a “natural naga hot sauce” and i’ll tell you what, they’d be right!

The garlic and onion can barely be tasted in this sauce, this is the evil chefs homage to the naga pepper, and it really does show, pure naga flavours and stupid heat push through everything else to provide a kick and taste thats akin to eating a naga straight up (coincidentally they sell those too!) and with no mucking about, its pretty clear these chefs want to pleasure and yet hurt everyone that comes into contact with this sauce..well..they are evil after all?

So as you can see, it pretty much destroyed me, but then I had *a lot* of it in one go!
(trying to defend my current low tolerance of chilli there :p )

“But Darth, what the hell can we use such an evil sauce for!?” I hear you cry, well my Chilli Padawans, I can tell you now that this would be excellent to use wherever you would use a fresh naga or 5, so chilli and curry are a good start, if you’re particularly sadistic you could splash it over your chips or even mix it with some oil and do pure evil roasties with it! (you can have that one) The bottom line is, use this wherever you want a nice fresh chilli flavour, but also a good punch of clean heat (by clean I mean not extract based).

You can buy this marvellous bottle of sauce over at the Evil Chefs website and as i said in the video, the only thing that lets this sauce down, is the price…which unfortunately is a little too expensive for my tastes, if you want a single bottle, delivered to the uk, its 159 SEK, or £15 including shipping…which as i’m sure you’re aware is at the high end..but then it is a high end sauce!

Anyway, thats another one wrapped up for now padawans, so until the next review, have a good one, and may the sauce be with you…always!

Value (3/10)


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avatar scott January 24, 2014 at 11:16 am

woohoo another darth naga review, i always love these, and look forward to them – thanks!

i adore that fresh naga taste, so this looks particulalry interesting, but i think i’ll wait till its in the shops or with a uk online stockist though as £15 is a bit steep for me.

one thing though, and im genuinly interested (please dont think im being a troll or a flamer)…. darth… what the hell has happened to your tollerance? (you alluded to it in this article) i guess this particular sauce is hot no matter what, but your reaction to that carolina reaper compared to your mates and the video you did with the girl who simply didnt react compared to you. are you finding that your body simply is not happy with this now after years of hot stuff? or what? have you gone through varying degrees of tolerance beofre perhaps?




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