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Yellow Fever is an acute viral haemorrhagic disease spread by female mosquitoes in South America. Its symptoms include: fever, chills, nausea and vomiting, which sound remarkably similar to symptoms that chilliheads can suffer from when eating excessive amount of chillies located higher up the Scoville scale. Perhaps that’s why in part the guys from Mad Ass named this sauce as such.

Labelling on this product is akin to the other Mad Ass products previously reviewed on the ChileFoundry, with the customary mean looking chilli, this time in a mustard yellow colour. Unfortunately with the colour scheme used on this label the white coloured font on a yellow background makes it extremely hard to read the lettering clearly, particularly on this smaller sample size jar.


Yellow Habanero chillies, ‘The Garlic Farm’ garlic, fresh ginger, malt vinegar, soft brown sugar, lime juice, rock salt, cracked black pepper, mustard powder

Kindly supplied by Mad-Ass

The pungent smell of Habanero’s and mustard is clearly apparent when I open the jar with subtle hints of sugar, vinegar and cracked pepper underneath. It’s a sweet n sharp combo on the nose. The sauce is a rich mustard yellow colour and is reasonably fluid and it’s easy to see bits of garlic, cracked black pepper and some chilli pepper pulp suspended within it.  The natural flavour of the habaneros is clearly apparent when tasting and the mustard flavour intermingles really well with it. Some sweetness from the sugar and a little bit of sharpness from the lime juice can also be detected. Whilst the flavour from the mustard is apparent it’s not a dominating flavour.

The heat from the Habanero’s comes almost instantly, initially at the very front of my mouth and residing at the back, somewhat disappointingly though I don’t get the expected nasal burn that would accompany a good spoonful of English mustard. The intensity of the chilli kick recedes quickly but there’s still a good, satisfying burn left behind in the mouth.

Not surprisingly given its mustard base this product goes amazingly well on a steak sandwich, so well in fact that my taster / sample jar was emptied after trying it this way. If you are looking for a variation on the mustard theme this is definitely worth trying. The mustard taste isn’t full-on as normal English mustard thus making it a great alternative or substitute for those who English mustard that little bit too intense.

Available from the Mad-Ass website at £5 for 150ml bottle or £2 for 30ml taster/sampler jar.

Value (7/10)

N.B These scores are based on the recipe used for this sample. Looking at the website it appears the latest batch of the product uses a new recipe with yellow Bell Pepper & Yellow Scotch Bonnet Chillies rather than Habanero. Heat should be of a similar level but I would imagine the flavour would be somewhat different due to the naturally sweeter flavours of the bell pepper and Scotch Bonnet chillies.

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