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From the Capsicana Chilli Company comes the Bhut Jolokia Chilli sauce and is the second hottest sauce in their range. Capsicana are relatively new to the chilli scene having been around for about three years, but they sport a good range of products; along with the hot sauces the website offers whole and powdered chillies,  beans and seeds, herbs and spices, recipe kits and a whole host of chilli recipes so is worth a browse just for those alone.

Although the sauce is monikered Bhut Jolokia this makes up 2% of the ingredients, but is bolstered by an additional 39% of a non-specific chilli mix.


chillies (including 2% bhut jolokia) 41%, water, barley malt vinegar, spices (including mustard), salt, cornflower, stabiliser and xanthan gum.

The sauce comes in 150ml bottles at a very reasonable £3.80 a pop. The label designs are very professional looking with a deep black background and a clean white font giving the name of the sauce. Beneath this is a chilli heat rating in red chillies; this one is rated at 5+chillies and gives the overall impression that this might be quite hot. The label describes the style of the sauce as rich and fruity and also offers some rather broad suggested uses, from marinade to condiment.

The reddy brown sauce is quite thick with number of seeds visible through the uncovered portions of the bottle (which adds to the impression of heat). Once the lid is removed the overriding aroma is that of pungent bhut jolokias; it’s also sweet smelling. Despite the small content of Bhut Jolokias, it gives the impression there’s more packed in there and that they are of good quality.

On the spoon the chilli seeds are a bit more obvious but there are not so many of them that it impacts on the texture. The initial hit is very intense and burns everywhere it touches, there is no mistaking that there is Naga in this sauce it almost takes your breath away initially. Then something strange happens; normally Naga based sauces continue to build, but this one levels off quickly and begins to fade leaving a really gorgeous fruitiness with a brilliant lingering tingle on the tongue.

This is a great value everyday usable sauce for those that like some spice with everything they eat. I could happily dip my Friday lunch chips in this one and add it to my cheese and marmite sarnies. It certainly impressed enough to urge me to go and seek out the other sauces Capsicana have in their range. You should do the same.

Value (9/10)

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