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So you may be thinking that having a Lucha Libre mask on a bottle is a bit of a gimmick.  After all, we see a lot of sauces that claim to be ‘Traditional Mexican’ sauces but are made far, far away, and the only traditional thing about them are perhaps one or two ingredients that are now grown in the UK.  Let me quash those thoughts like a Luchador would Camel Clutch his opponents into sumbission!

Rolando Cardenas, the man behind the sauces, learned all the family secrets and flavours as a boy.  Developing them onwards to the sauces you see today.  Not only are the flavours and recipies traditional, the wrestling is real.  I’m lucky to have met the KanKun Luchador previously and we wrestle in similar circles!

Habanero Chilli (85%), White Vinegar, Water, Salt, Xanthan Gum.
Gluten Free, Nut Free (Including factory), Suitable for Vegetarians.

This 150ml bottle has a very professional glossy label.  Pale background with red and black text.  A yellow lucha mask sits on the front with a little yellow ‘Extra hot’ warning above the text.  The sauce inside is a beautiful peachy red and looks relatively viscous, filled with small pieces of flesh and seed.  It has that unmistakable Habanero scent, which is warning enough that this sauce means business.  A little whiff of vinegar, but the Habanero is the real deal.

This sauce comes with a dropper lid, and for good reason!  Only a few drops on the tongue sends an instant signal to your saliva glands for them to start producing more juice.  The irresistable smokey Habanero flavour fills your mouth with a warm sensation.  The tip of your tongue, the inside of your lips and the roof of your mouth start to feel like they’re glowing.  There is no taste of vinegar, none.  Just the full flavour of the chilli and a little saltiness.  

I think Habaneros are under appreciated in sauces, but this sauce truly gives you all the raw flavour of this chilli without any other complex ingredients.  The guys at KanKun suggest this sauce on grilled beef, chicken and fish.  I can personally see this with a nice smokey grilled fish.The bottle also says ‘The range of uses for KanKun Habanero Sauce is greater than the number of threads of Pancho Villa’s Poncho!’  I agree.This sauce, with it being a single flavour sauce can be used in so many ways.Give it a try as an additive in your curry or chilli.  If you’re new to hot sauces and don’t have much of a tolerance for heat you can use just a couple of drops in your cooking to raise the heat level fractionally and add a new dimension to your cooking. 

The KanKun Habanero Sauce is available from Hotheads, Amazon and MexGrocer all for the astonishing price of £2.99.  BARGAIN!

Value (10/10)

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