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Named after the traditional name for the country their recipes originate from, Rwanda; owned and run by Stephanie Kayirangwa and Natt Boarer who bring the authentic flavours Rwandan dining table sauces to us, made right here in Portsmouth!

Stuffed generously into a 110ml jar, the Garlic Chilli sauce is bright yellow, filled with bits and flesh in a rather thick consistency. The label strips around the jar where the ‘1000’ has an overlay of some of the hills.The rest of the label is covered with a thick yellow smoke effect.


Onion, Garlic, Yellow Pepper, Vegetable Oil, Ciric Acid, Scotch Bonnet Chilli, Salt, and Other Spices.
May contain traces of nuts.

Upon opening the jar, I am overpowered by garlic.I don’t think I could smell more garlic if I was peeling it myself.Subtle hints of Scotch Bonnet heat sneak in behind the garlic and gently warm your nostrils to its presence.

Surprisingly, the first taste isn’t as garlic filled as I was expecting.  Yes, there is no doubt there is garlic there, but I taste something else first. Onion.The onion softens the garlic flavour, stops the sting from the aftertaste of garlic and encourages your mouth to water.Slowly afterwards the Scotch Bonnet heat comes gently massaging your tongue with its hot fingers.The vegetable oil makes sure that the heat from the Scotch Bonnet gets into every area possible for a good slow burn which lets you really appreciate it. 

Mix it with a little mayonnaise or yoghurt as a dip choice, or stir it through mashed potato are just two suggestions from Thousand Hills.If you’re feeling particularly lazy when cooking and want a double punch of heat and garlic; add a teaspoon of this to your meal (spaghetti bolognese sauce for example, or even in a chilli con carne).Use as an additive in cooking, or simply as a bit of a relish on a burger. 

Available from their website for only £2.50 for 110ml.Worth a good try for all you garlic lovers.

Value (7/10)

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