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by Clare Cameron on January 13, 2014 · 0 comments

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When I first picked up this Hot Lemon sauce from Fat Man Chilli I was intrigued and excited to try it. My first impressions were good, I felt the ingredients list was impressive and the packaging was simplistic but clear. I liked the fact you had clear view of the product but was a bit unsure what to have the sauce with. Then I opened it and tried it, the flavour exceeded my expectations and on further kitchen experimentation found it is also extremely versatile.

As soon as you open the bottle you are hit with a strong aroma of lemon and mustard, I can also detect the garlic which is subtle and not too overpowering. The sauce is a mustard colour with the herbs clearly visible. It has a great consistency and texture with the thickness of a dipping sauce, it also works well in cooking.

Without a shadow of a doubt the best feature of this sauce is the taste and this isn’t surprising given the quality of ingredients used. The sharpness of the lemon hits you instantly then you experience the subtle warmth of the Lemon Aji chilli which reminds me of cracked black pepper. I think the use of Limoncello really adds a depth to this sauce.

The great thing about this product is it can be enjoyed with many different dishes and can be enjoyed by non chilliheads. With it being the festive season I have had friends over for nibbles and put this sauce on the table for people to try. Everyone has been very impressed with this sauce as they feel it is not over powering or too intense. The ingredients used complement each other and everyone who tried it went back for more sauce.

I have also cooked with this sauce and found it is a great addition, it works really well when stirred through with rice and I think it would be a great filling for a homemade chicken kiev. In regards to a dipping sauce it goes great with chips, chicken and prawns. I haven’t found anything it doesn’t work with.

I can see why this is the most popular Fat Man Chilli product, the website describes it as ‘A fantastic blend of Lemon Aji chilli and fresh lemons makes this our most popular sauce – you just have to try it’

All sauces and jelly are priced at £3.50 or you can order the Fat Man Chilli Range for £31.00 to find out more check out http://fatmanchilli.webs.com/

Ingredients: Lemon (19%), Lemon Chilli (2%) Wine Vinegar, Water, Mango Pulp, Peppers, Mustard, Onion, Garlic, Palm Sugar, Limoncello, Herbs, Spices, Salt

Value (7/10)


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