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With a jar that looks like it came straight from grandma, I wondered what I had received this time. I recognise the logo of this product as I remove it from my package of review products. Sutton and Sons, these guys do an excellent hog roast. I didn’t know they did chutneys too. All I now have in my head is hog roast…. This could distract me.Back to the jar of Grape and Scotch Bonnet Chutney that grandma sent, this has been kindly supplied by Sutton & Sons

The whole design looks like it would sit nicely in an all wood environment like a barn, with some kind of spit roast gently rotating in the corner. The choice of curly font and pictures of key ingredients on the label look quite vintage and don’t really catch your eye. Putting the Pig logo on the front with some basic text would have looked much more appealing to me. A very cute part of the label is the standard open and use within 3 months but just underneath is “this chutney was born on May 13”


Scotch Bonnets, apples, onions, white grapes, ginger, caster sugar, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, cider vinegar

There is A LOT going on when you open the jar, as you can see from the ingredients above lots of strong flavours are blended together here. Each time I try to pick out an individual smell I find a new one; this can be a little overwhelming all at once. What is great to see though is the nice sloppy goodness swirling around in the jar, you know before plunging your spoon in that this stuff will both cover and stick to anything you want but you will have to eat it before it either covers your hand. Messy food is fun food and it’s perfect!

Enough of the waffle, on tasting this sticky goodness, again I did find it hard to pick out any of the flavours and cant help feeling this chutney does not have a true identity struggles a bit trying to be too many things. The scotch bonnet is a fruity chilli and I think the heat level is perfect for this chutney but with the power of the other ingredients you have lost the flavour of the beautiful scotch bonnet. I do have to remind myself though that this it a not a product designed to impress a chilli head but to most likely cover slow roast meat.

Jar kindly supplied by Sutton & Sons

The apples, onions and ginger will go perfect with your hog and I would most definitely keep going back for more of this stuff. I can’t pick out any flavour of the white grape but this does add nicely to the texture so you don’t just end up with a lump of apple. The cider vinegar does add sharpness to the overall flavour which I enjoy but I know this quality can put many off a chutney, though this will help cut through the fat of any meat.

Don’t be satisfied with apple on your spit roast, reach for this stuff! I clearly can’t get hog roast out of my mind during this review so checking the Sutton and Sons website, their suggestions suggest the grape and Scotch bonnet chutney will work perfectly with Aberdeen Angus beef and peppery rocket salad burgers. Overall I would say this is one for meat lovers, BBQ fans and foodies but not chilli heads.

If you ever get Sutton and Sons to cater for you or see them at an event like west dean chilli fiesta you will see a range of their chutneys to cover your hog in you might like to know that they only use their own products at Sutton & Sons events so you can cover your food to your hearts content and share the sticky love around J

£3.50 is the price to pay to bring this taste to your spit roast bun

Value (8/10)

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