The Chilleees – Orangatongue Tingler Chilli Sauce

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In this review I have been given a bottle of The Chillees Orangatongue Tingler chilli sauce. Before I say anything else, hats off to the name awesome! The Chillees are a recently new small family business producing spicy chilli sauces and preserves from their home grown Chillies and other fruit/veg. Their current range is small but so far they have caught the attention of many at markets and festivals with their fresh tasting small batch approach to sauce making. For the Chillees “It’s all about the flavour as well as the heat. No Extracts used here” so this is a real invite to foodie chilli heads like me.


Carrot, Vinegar, Lime, Onion, Orange Habanero (7%), garlic and sea salt

Bottle kindly supplied by The Chillees

The bottle you get is like the mainstream shape of many bottles and a standard size of 150ml. The label is done well with clear print and oem nice chilli graphics but nothing to really draw your attention in. Apart from the name of course, once again Orangatongue Tingler, this drives my curiosity and describes in one made up word the tastes to come hopefully. Behind the label is a vivid orange pulpy looking hot sauce no doubt driven by the carrot and Orange habaneros.

Opening the bottle the freshness I had heard about rings true, helped along by the choice of the ingredients a sharp fiery fruity aroma meets your senses. You cant smell an overpowering heat but this is clearly not the intent with this sauce and with only 7% Habanero its not to be expected.

The pulpy goodness I poured onto a spoon and it’s like a summer chilli party starts in my mouth. The citrus comes through, the well known fruitiness of the Orange Habanero burns slightly and builds gently. The vinegar is not too strong thankfully and there is a hint of garlic which would lend this sauce well to not just being a dipping sauce but for cooking too. Perhaps do something different with it and add to a salad or use on fish? I used the sauce on one of my regular weekend Mexican breakfasts Huervous Rancheros using the heat and the lime to cut through the runny eggs.

The only thing that would let the sauce down is maybe the label; there is nothing wrong with it but due to the simplicity of design if it weren’t for the cool name people may pass this one by. I would also like to see maybe the same sauce produced with a hotter version containing a higher percentage of the Orange Habanero. The Chillees have reached what they wanted with the 7% and I’m always more for a flavour heat balance then just heat. However for a change I would love an option that kicks in the endorphins too from the Orangatongue too. Special edition run maybe…..

Finally with an awkward but clever spelling of the work chilli as part of their company name I fear their good work may get lost in the internet search world. Indeed it took a couple of attempts to find their homepage. The Chillees have a nice range building which  continues the balance of flavour and heat, demonstrated clearly by their naga sauce which claims to have a 4/10 heat rating. Think I need to pick some up and see

A Standard 150ml bottle will set you back only 3.50

Value (8/10)


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