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by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on January 10, 2014 · 0 comments

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I have here today guys a product for review from the team at Chilli Alchemy. I can only seem to find a facebook page for them at the moment but if you want further information then drop a mail to So, all the way from Northampton, today, and one day only, we have….. DA DA DAAAAAA……….. ‘Ghost pepper jam (extra hot).

The label is fairly bland being white with the only real colour to it being the product name.

The jam looks a beautiful sunburnt orange with plenty of tiny pieces of chilli floating about. Admittedly when I first picked this up it looked like a pouring sauce it was so loose, but as the label says keep refrigerated, I did. Boom!!!! Jam is back, nice and thick too.


Cider vinegar, Sugar, Ghost pepper chilli paste, Red peppers, Pectin.

Jar kindly supplied by Chilli Alchemy

Few ingredients which in my book usually means great chilli flavours and heat nom nom nom. Slight concern over cider vinegar being at the top as that tends to mean that this is the main ingredient and many a time has vinegar been the killer of a chilli product. But as they say, there is only one way to find out, so lets crack on.

This is a lovely tasting jam in a nice little 120g jar.The sweetness is spot on, the texture is incredibly smooth and the heat is instant. I was expecting more of a build up of heat, but instead it was instant heat and it just stayed. It simply did not want to leave. Not that I’m complaining as it all works very well together.Spreads great, looks great, tastes superb, and is very very moreish.

This will definitely kick you up the arse to get out to work in the morning.

So here is how it is, I was kinda put off by the labelling as was very simple and basic. It nearly put me off, big mistake. The product itself??? Awesome. Lesson for us all, never judge a book by its cover.

If you like the sound of the jam, you can drop these guys a mail at The jam costs £3.95 and is also available at chillibugs

Remember guys, if it burns going in it will burn coming out. 😀

Value (7/10)

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