Thousands of questions unanswered. I need a solution. And I think I have found ‘The Ultimate Solution’. This sauce has come from Hot Experience Sauces. This is not a well known company or product but caught our eye when it was sent in for review

It comes in what I can only describe as a bottle reminiscent of a poisons bottle from an old movie. The skull splashed label with blood style red text sets the bottle off well. It gets even better though. The ingredients list packed full of Chillis. Very loose pouring sauce which suggests to me more of a sauce for adding to other sauces to give it a bang up the backside. Seed central and a real dark orange to red shade. Only thing taking your attention away from the sauce is the skulls staring at you. Lets check out the list of ingredients, deep breath for reading this list out!


Ghost Chilli, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Jalapeno, Fresno, Sante Fe, Piri Piri, Dutch, Thai and Red chilli, White Vinegar, Water.

Bottle kindly supplied by Hot Experience Sauces

10!!!! yes 10!!!! varieties of chilli going on in here having a party. Not a bad selection at all hey. Super hot with the not so hot, but still an impressive list.

The smell is pretty good. Slight hint of vinegar but due to the large selection of chilli in here it manages to hold it back pretty damn good. Pretty potent aroma for such a small bottle. Lost me bloody spoon so gonna have to drink from the bottle. I hope you dont mind. If you do, then tough titties.

Well well well. Tingle sensation? Nope. Effing intense burn? HELL YEAH!! My comment earlier about the vinegar? Forget it. Its all about the chilli. Packed with so much chilli flavour its near impossible to pull out the individual one and they all blend in so well. Lips and mouth are on fire. Salivating like crazy. Not hiccuping for once which is strange for what is a bloody hot sauce. No idea how much Ghost is in here but its top of the list of ingredients so must be a fair amount. Burn baby burn, disco of heat in my mouth 😀

Although this is not the style of chilli product im really into at the moment as for me its more about the dips etc, this is still getting a number of ticks in the right boxes. Cant really go wrong here. Good sized bottle. Great heat. Great flavour. I can see this being used to spice up stews and some rice dishes. Not so much a dipping product but will really add a blast of heat to any meal you cook. Thumbs up from me 😀

The sauce is available from Hot Experience Sauces for £4 plus postage

Remember guys, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out :

Value (7/10)



The Dorset Naga Challenge

For the last two years we grew a Dorset Naga plant that produced over 700 chillies.This year we wanted to see if we could do better, and just find out what a Dorset Naga plant is capable of producing. So, in May this year, we potted up three January-sown Dorset Naga plants.

They were selected from the batch of plants that we had raised for selling on, i.e. up to this point they had not had any special treatment. One plant went into a 160-litre pot, the other two went into 100-litre pots. The plants were kept in an unheated polytunnel, and watered and fertilised along with all our other plants.

At the same time we challenged other growers to see how many chillies they could get off their Dorset Naga plants. The rules were:
1. The plant must be a Dorset Naga
2. The plant must be sown in 2013
3. Only red fruit count
4. The fruit can be picked at any time, but records, e.g. harvesting records and photographs, must be kept – this competition is based on trust, but we don’t trust people to remember 100% accurately.
5. Deadline: 15th November 2013

We have offered a token prize of £15 worth of chilli seeds to the grower who harvests the most chillies off their plant. And if the winner beats us and gets more chillies than we do we will double the prize.

We will harvest our plants on 9th November, and are very pleased to announce that the Clifton Chilli Club has agreed to be the official observers to guarantee that the counts are accurate.











With just a month to go before the deadline, here is an update of our three Dorset Naga plants, which are now exactly 9 months old. The photos are of the three plants, but the video is of the one in the 160-litre pot, the largest by far.


Twisted 7 Sauces were a new one to me, have I let my chilli seeking skills slip and missed someone? No matter new companies can only be a good thing as it means more chilli sauces! I was fortunate to meet Twisted 7 personally at the 2013 West Dean Chilli Fiesta. Turns out the brains behind the organisation is a chef and winner of a second place fiery foods award for their one sauces the delightfully names Organ Grinder! I asked Dean “why twisted 7” the answer I got “it’s as simple as lucky number 7, I was born on the 7th and there are 7 letters in twisted….. Simple I guess…

Twisted 7 have kindly provided us with a bottle of their Peri Peri Fever sauce. The bottle looks quite small but at 100ml it is a similar size to many other sauces on the market. The label is very colourful and relies on funky text and names rather than pictures to draw you in. The style continues throughout their range making a nice set.

Now for the tasting, anything with Peri Peri in the title always grabs my attention especially with my mild Nando’s addiction.

The Ingredients indicate as you would expect this sauce is for taste and not for power.


Red Pepper, Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Water, Onion, Cayenne Chilli Peppers, Garlic, Oregano, Bird’s Eye Chilli Peppers, Paprika, Salt, Pepper, Tomato Puree, Sugar and Oil.

The bottle even has a heat rating on the side claiming a 2.5 out of 5 on the twisted 7 scale. My first though is why not link to the branding and have the heat scale out of 7?

Now you can’t go too wrong with a Peri Peri as they all aim for the same taste outcome. The smell from the sauce does not disappoint, there is a strong garlic and tomato aroma pared with the ‘Nando’s smell’ it almost smells like a spicy mayo to me. The sauce tastes as it smells, the garlic really comes through and there is a lovely thick texture.

There is some heat to the sauce to provide subtle warmth but a 2.5 level I’m not so sure. Yes this sauce is designed to be at the lower end of their heat range but I would place it around a 2 at best. This said the heat is not the important bit.

I would go so far as to class the Peri Peri Fever as a family sauce, everyone will love this and it can be used like ketchup with a kick. Of course there is the obvious use of smothering it in chicken before grilling which would taste great but you are limited by the 100ml size for the amount of chicken you can cover.

I like this sauce but admit I’m not excited by it. I am excited to check out the rest of their range as this sauce has demonstrated a sound ability to pull together and balance ingredients.

A 100ml bottle will set you back £4.00, if I’m honest I would prefer to see a slightly larger bottle for this price as its tasty and you can then use the contents more effectively too.

More information can be found on the Twisted 7 Sauces website where there are also recipe ideas for inspiration on how you can add a TWIST to your cooking!

Value (5/10)




It’s been a Burning Desire of Jason Stevens for a few years to start his own Chilli business, and just over two years that dream became a real possibility when Jason entered a Chilli Sauce called Burning Desire in the Amateur Hot Sauce awards at Fiery Foods, one of the top UK Chilli Festivals held in his hometown of Brighton. He won the competition and a year later Burning Desire Foods was born. This year marked the 2nd Anniversary of the company, at the Festival held in Victoria Gardens and a momentous moment as the Company was awarded Best Chilli Company 2013.

                   Jason with mum Valerie at West Dean, very much part of the Burning Desire team

Jason, who makes all the sauces himself by hand, had been working in a normal day job but was made redundant just before the event which saw him win the Amateur Hot Sauce Award, so there was now nothing in his way to start the company. Initially only making Chilli Sauce, Jason increased his range of sauces always concentrating on the flavour of the chilli being used and adding other flavours to compliment the fiery ingredient.

This year Jason entered one of his Hot Sauces into one of the professional categories, for Best Extreme Sauce (with extract) for his ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ sauce.

This was a tightly fought competition with lots of entries and judged by 3 of the Chilefoundry review team in a blind tasting.

But it’s not all about Hot Sauce for Burning Desire, the company recently released chilli salts, chilli spiced sugars and a first for the UK Chilli Industry, Chilli Butters.

These were launched officially at Great Dorset and have proved to be a runaway success. They are available in three flavours, Piri Piri, Chipotle and King Naga.

These are very tasty and have the look of a traditional homemade block of butter with the addition of various ingredients,  we will be doing a more in depth review soon.

It was the combination of the excellent flavours Jason combines in his Hot Sauces and the innovation of the Chilli Butters that won Burning Desire it’s 2nd Award of the event, and the most prestigious of all, The Best Chilli Company in the UK 2013. Jason freely admits he was in shock when Burning Desire was announced, but it was a well deserved win for the Brighton company on their 2nd Anniversary.

                 Jason Stevens – Best Extreme Sauce (with extract) & Best UK Chilli Company 2013




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