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Back in January we reviewed Wiga Wagga’s Chilli Sauce and were impressed by its flavour. Since then they have scooped their first two Great Taste Awards including a 2 star award for their Wiga Wagga Chilli Paste.

I’m sure a few of our readers will have just read the previous paragraph and thought Wiga who? Well for those of you who missed our review at the beginning on the year here’s a quick snippet about the company.

Wiga Wagaa are relative newcomers to the UK chilli scene and were founded by owner Victor Nwosu in July 2012. Victor has drawn inspiration from his travels across Africa, Asia and Europe to create a range of products which deliver a fusion of the flavours he experienced.

Recently you may have heard Victor on BBC Radio Newcastle or had the pleasure of meeting him at a chilli festival such as The Great Shoreham Chilli Fest 2013.

Today I’ll be taking a look at something different from the Wiga Wagaa range – Wiga Wagaa Chilli Oil. In the last couple of years chilli oils have become quite popular in the UK, but this is the first product I’ve seen made with sunflower oil.

Before I get started with the tasting, let’s see how the product looks. The oil is presented in a 110ml square bottle with a large plastic cap and vibrant orange labels. The labels have a quality finish to them and have been applied to two sides of the bottle.

The front label features the company’s logo, a heat rating and a general description of the Wiga Wagaa product range whilst the rear label contains an ingredients list, contact details and even more information about the product range. There is also a dried bird’s eye chilli suspended in the oil which is a nice touch.

I found the ingredients list a bit hard to read on this product as a lot of information has been crammed onto the back of the bottle. Personally, I think this product would benefit from a single large label covering 3 sides of the bottle as it would allow the information to be better presented. Some simple recipe suggestions would be a nice addition too.

Ingredients:       Sunflower Oil (47.3%), Water (14.2%), Onion (9.4%), Ginger (9.4%), Scotch Bonnet Chillies (9.4%), Soy Sauce (4.7%), Sugar (2.3%), Garlic (1.4%), Seasoning (1.5%), Salt, Herbs, Preservatives (Sodium Ascorbate, Potassium Sorbate).

Bottle kindly provided by Wiga Wagaa.

Upon opening the bottle I am greeted by a waft of enticing aromas. It’s hard to identify the individual ingredients, but the onion, ginger and garlic are most prominent. The smell reminds me of stir fried vegetables which is not surprising given the ingredients which have been infused into this oil.

I pour a little oil onto a spoon and take a moment to inspect it. The oil is clear, but more golden in colour than other sunflower oils I have used. Upon tasting the oil I am again reminded of stir fires and Asian cuisine. The fusion of flavours is nicely balanced whilst the chilli provides a decent kick of heat that lingers for quite a while.

I have since used this oil in stir fries, salads and homemade hummus. In all instances, the chilli oil imparted a lovely flavour. Sunflower oil is very versatile and I’m sure this product could be used to liven up a lot of other dishes too. There’s even a recipe for sweet & salty chilli popcorn on the Wiga Wagga website.

Wigaa Waga Chilli Oil is currently priced at £3.25 which is reasonable given that most chilli oils we’ve reviewed have been priced between £5 and £8 for a 250ml bottle. You can purchase this product online from Corbridge Larder or find it at one of the many Wiga Wagaa stockists.

Value (7/10)


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