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Burning Desire Foods is a Brighton Hot Sauce company started in 2011 and have been making tantalisingly delicious hot sauces ever since. The sauces are all made in small batches with emphasis on both flavour and heat. Some of their hot sauces are mellowed to develop a unique and distinctive flavour, slow cooked for a deep intensity, while others go straight for the chilli hit. All of the sauces are completely natural and vegan and do not contain any artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.

I suspect the sauce I have been given to try falls in the latter category looking for the chilli hit. Today I have in my hands a bottle of Burning Desire Scorpion sauce batch number 001! This is an addition so new to the Burning Desire range, that at the time of writing this review, even their website has no information in the sauce itself.

 Ingredients that mean business:

Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Onion, Celery, Jonah 7 Pot, Orange 7 Pot, Red Wine Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Dark Muscovado Sugar and Sea Salt

Bottle kindly supplied by Burning Desire Foods

Scorpion Hot sauce is made with the world’s hottest chilli the infamous Trinadad Scorpion. The heat of the Trinidad Scorpion is intensely powerful and not for the feint hearted, and has flavours of apricot, pineapple and honey. The bottle suggests using on any food that needs a lot more ‘sting’…..

The label has a cool scorpion picture on it and the extravagant and indulgent Burning Desire Food logo. All bottles in his range have the same shape so look nice next to each other as a set. The sauce does look quite watery in the bottle and a little separated so I had to shake it to awake the pain.

On opening the cap, amusingly, my cat sitting next to me while writing this review suddenly opens one eye, sniffs the air a couple of times and runs off…. The aroma I get is one of intense fruitiness coupled with impending doom.

You can taste the peppers and celery and there is certainly no disputing this sauce intends to bring the pain and keep on coming. The heat is instant and builds, but when it dies off you are left with an endorphin rush and the flavour. There is almost a sense of sweet and sour with this sauce through the combination of the muscovado sugar and the lemon juice.

The red wine vinegar certainly comes through strongly as a feature, in fact every ingredient keeps darting back and forth in a mixture of intense flavours. 

I wonder how the taste would be altered by using balsamic vinegar instead of red wine. For me this sauce is a little too watery, which I often find limits its applications but as always this is being picky. The description suggests add to anything you need more sting, this is certainly accurate. Apart from tasting this sauce straight for dipping and enjoying the experience, I begin to wonder how this sauce would fair as the ‘secret ingredient’ for finishing off a chilli con carne. It has all the elements to compliment the dish and a scorpion chilli con carne just sounds cool.

Scorpion sauce is a sauce that is enjoyable, tasty and powerful another triumph in their range. Yes you can get hotter but then you are in extract territory and a whole new and different world of pain and pleasure. Hang onto some of that flavour and check out this sauce and the burning desire range at around £5 a bottle.

Value (6/10)

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avatar Mason December 12, 2013 at 11:19 am

I have this along with the Five Finger Death Punch by Burning Desire and I must say both are extremely tasty in addition to searing heat. As review suggests, the Trinidad Scorpion is fruity and flavoursome but packs an immediate wallop too. For people who seek a chilli rush just use it as a Dip and not mixed in to food and you’ll thank me……well maybe not.


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