Karimix – Jalapeno Apple Chilli Sauce

by Lady Cin on December 9, 2013 · 1 comment

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Karimix are a company that produce a wide range of table sauces, cooking sauces and pastes, and the products have a very professional look, here we have their Jalapeno Apple Chilli Sauce.

This smoothly blended mix of fine ingredients fill the beautifully labelled 100ml bottle. The Karimix K in a purple and yellow arrangement adorns this quaint cylindrical bottle, filled with information about what you could possibly use this sauce for!  A rich brown sauce, exploding with aromas. Ginger, vinegar and the sweet jalapeno scents pop out to greet you as you open the lid.

This sauce pours quite thinly and reveals a plethora of spices floating about with slightly larger bits of apple flesh bobbing around inside the sweet sauce.I immediately taste earthy onion, overridden very quickly by sweet sweet apple and a sharp punch of heat from the Jalapeno.

For a sauce that says its a medium heat, they aren’t wrong.  It has a heavy vinegar taste that is inescapable.The heat is a fast hitting all over burn that is long lasting and true to the jalapeno style.It certainly leaves your lips warm and wanting more.


Peppers, Apple (19.5%), Water, Jalapeno Chillies (10.5%), Vinegar, Sugar, Onion, Salt, Ginger, Fruit Juice, Spices, Natural Stabiliser.
Gluten free, Suitable for Vegetarians.

I see this sauce being used well in a stir fry with pork, or as a glaze on a piece of ham/gammon. As a dipping sauce for anything you may need to dip (I think something porous like prawn crackers etc would work really well here).

Available direct from their factory shop, and at the chilli events at £3 a jar

Value (6/10)

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avatar Hailfire101 December 12, 2013 at 12:04 pm

Never knew Jalapeños had heat… well, not 5/10!
Must be a rogue batch……


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