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Fat Man Chilli is “committed to growing and producing some of the finest chillies and chilli based products available” It’s always nice to welcome in a new company I have not tried before. The company is growing fast and now established at a number of Farmers and Growers Markets. To find out which ones there is a regularly updated list on their website. The first product I get to try from Fat Man Chilli is their Green Chilli sauce which is apparently a green chilli version of their popular Salsa Media Sauce.

Looking at the bottle you can actually see the ingredients which do indeed look very much like a salsa. I am fond of coriander as a herb, it often goes very well with green chillis so I’m looking forward to this one.

The label looks like it was designed and printed from a home PC but I love the company logo of a walking chilli with a moustache. The label also only covers the front of the bottle allowing you a glimpse of the sauce. If you check the website description this sauce is listed as a Fat Man Chilli Heat Rating 5.


5% fresh green chilli, onion, cider vinegar, water, tindora, fresh ginger, green peppers, fresh coriander, palm sugar, salt, spices, garlic and finally a very interesting addition of apple sours

Bottle kindly supplied by Fat Man Chilli

I’ll admit I had to look up a couple of these ingredients. Where many basic low heat green sauces would just add in jalapeno, a choice of vinegar, and maybe a couple of spices. Fat Man Chilli has clearly been experimenting and added in a few interesting ingredients and also focused on fresh herbs and spices. Though the percentage content of chilli in the sauce is small, rumour has it there are three different types of chilli used in this secret recipe I would assume jalapeno and Serrano would be part of the mix.

The first sensation on opening the bottle is indeed as the ingredients suggest the essence of freshness! It immediately gets your taste buds going. There are definite citrus undertones to this salsa styled sauce. The first spoonful of this sauce sets off a sensation like there is a part in my mouth. The heat is higher than I expected but still mild. You can feel and taste the coriander which is fantastic.

There is a sharpness of vinegar which maybe could have been stepped down a notch with a little more palm sugar but this does not put me off. I can’t pick out the ginger which I was expecting to overpower things.

The acidity and freshness would compliment a white fish dish and like many sauces if you’re doing a BBQ splash this on your chicken. As this green chilli sauce is not overly sweetened with the palm sugar hopefully that means it won’t catch fire like some other more stick sauces available. I can’t emphasise the word fresh enough with this sauce which is unusual for anything bottled.

I’ll also have to find out what three chillis are used in the sauce now to see if they are influencing the taste too. I guess the sauce could also be used as an alternative to a salad dressing and as part of a salsa verde with your fajitas. I hope the rest of the Fat Man chilli products have this wonderful fresh feel to them too. I will enjoy finding out….

At £3.50 this sauce is competitively priced and you get a lot of taste for your money so its worth checking out which markets the Fat Man will be at.

Value (6/10)


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avatar Dawn OXCF December 8, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Fat Man Chilli sauces are great – their Scorchio sauce is on of my all time favourites. Definitely worth a look!


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