Darth Naga vs The Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Peach Habanero Chilli Sauce

by Darth Naga on December 4, 2013 · 1 comment

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Happy Easter Chilli Padawanz!!…no wait..that’s not right is it? Give me a hint?…NO I have it!!, let me try again…*ahem* HAPPY HALLOWEEN CHILLI PADAW…*what?* OH…that’s not right either? Hmm, okay gimme a minute it’ll come to me! Anyway, seasons misgivings aside, I am here to bring you the latest of my video reviews! And this one is the last in a FANTASTIC box set (which itself would be a GREAT xmas prezzy for a chillihead!) released by The Wiltshire Chilli Farm. Jamie’s fantastic and unique “Voodoo Box Set” is finished off beautifully with this Peach Habanero sauce, and a cracking price you can’t go far wrong!

Jamie’s box sets tend to be high in chilli content, so that you can really get a taste for the fiery fruit, and this “Peach Habanero” sauce is no different, 50% of the bottle is pure chilli, the rest is a blend of awesomeness and secret spices that make this sauce a absolute belter! The bottle itself (like the rest of the range) features a cracking little voodoo doll emblazoned across a high quality glossy label, which also has the name of the sauce, and of course the producers name too, heck we wouldn’t know who’d made it otherwise.


Peach habanero 50%, cider vinegar, sugar, peach, salt, spices.

The sauce its self is a sort of yellowy almost pale orange colour, with seeds, flesh and other coloured flecks in it, which I can only assume is the “spices”, it’s at this point I would usually go into a long drawn out paragraph about how this sauce tastes..but HURRAH for modern technology, here is a video! (I am ably assisted by my friend Dawn in this one)

So there you have it! A very tasty, peppery sauce, thats mighty hot to boot, and for me it was an INSTANT heat, as you saw in the vid, it hit me pretty hard, but Dawn just took it in her stride, fair play to her because it messed me up! The “voodoo Sauce box set” can be bought from Jamies online store  for  £20 (yes, the price has gone up since the video, due to limited stocks left), thats three sauces in a *beautiful* presentation box with embossed logo, as I said before, an ideal xmas gift for any chillihead… and as of writing this I am told there are only about 40 box sets left and they are selling FAST!! So get on it Padawanz if you don’t want to be left in the dust!

Anyway, another review reaches its conclusion and its time for me to head back into my mancave and cook up another review, so until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you….always!

Value (7/10)

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avatar Amy Right December 4, 2013 at 9:39 am

Am I right? Jamie’s put the price up because it’s popular and he’s sold most of them? Nice try but very disappointing and not what I’d expect.


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