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Writing reviews for Chilefoundry takes time so I am often on the lookout for like minded people to join the team, the workload is vast, and being volunteers, the review team do it because they have a passion or an addiction to chilli in all it’s forms. Every now and then, new people come along who have a good knowledge of the chilli scene, and a couple of weeks ago whilst at Grim Reaper Foods Halloween Restaurant takeover this happened;

John and Sianne – “The Shepsters” – If you are a regular UK Chilli Festival attendee, you may well have seen these guys. They have always been “foodies”, with a particular fondness for world foods which give the opportunity to try new flavours.

Their attraction to chillies and hot sauces began several years ago with a visit to South Devon Chilli Farm while on holiday, where John picked up his first ever chilli plant – a Bolivian Rainbow – which was kept as a decorative houseplant. 

This led to an increasing fascination with the idea of chilli growing – starting off in the house with about five varieties of mainly ornamental plants and developing over the years to become a polytunnel and several smaller greenhouses in the garden as well as houseplants, and more than 40 varieties of chillies being cultivated in the last year alone.

John enjoys the growing side of the chilli scene, as well as smothering every possible foodstuff with hot sauce, while Sianne’s interests lie more in the culinary uses of both the pods and chilli products of all kinds.

John and Sianne will be reviewing as a couple so keep your eyes peeled for their first review very soon

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