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Since 1994 when the Darn Spice Co. was set up by the chilli aficionado, Shawn Haddaway, Having spent hours perfecting the recipe for “fiendishly Fiery” Chilli Sauce. Shawn initially made batches of the chilli Sauce to order for friends and family. Then as the volume of orders grew and local retailers expressed an interest Shawn took the plunge and set up Darn Spice. From their base in Bedfordshire they sell a large range of quality chilli and spice products ranging from mild through to darn painful to customers worldwide.

I have a jar of Fiendishly Fiery Chilli Sauce, winner of a Bronze Great Taste Award in 2005, to review. The sauce claims to be a clean-tasting sauce made from the finest Scotch Bonnet peppers.

Jar kindly supplied by Darn Spice Co.


Hot Chillies, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt

This is a very pure sauce that is: dairy free, gluten free, with no artificial colouring, no artificial preservatives, no onion or garlic and suitable for vegetarian. Basically it is a close to home made as you can get. The colour is a vibrant red and you can see the seeds in the sauce.

The label reminds me of the fisherman’s friends sweets and looks like something you would find at the in the special aisle of a supermarket rather than amongst the chilli sauces and bottles you would normally see. However there is nothing wrong with this, it just looks a little out of place to me compared to other packaging you usually see.

When you open the mini jar, you get an overwhelming sense of fresh chillies and the vinegar used to preserve them. I had to come back to this review and keep the fiendishly fiery sauce in the fridge for a few days. I expected to find the freshness had faded a little but happily on opening the jar again the same fresh smell. There is not much to describe about the taste other than imagine slicing up some fresh scotch bonnets and eating them that’s this sauce.

Though this product would work as a sauce it is more like a chilli puree relying on the beautiful natural flavour of the scotch bonnet chilli. The scotch bonnet does have a very fruity flavour powerful flavour that is accessible to many people as the heat levels are not too high. If you are using the sauce as just a dipping condiment, the texture of the sauce due to the amount of seeds, may put you off as the seeds get stuck everywhere! But added to dishes like soups, stews and casseroles will add a wonderful fruity fiery kick. This would also be awesome on your morning eggs. Fiendishly fiery sauce is great to have in the fridge so you will always have that fresh chilli flavour when you need it.

This is not a creative sauce, there are no complex flavours and although it is very tasty, it may not impress if you are looking for and interesting sauce. Think of it as a substitute for fresh chillies and a cooking ingredient ready when you need it.

A 95g jar is £3.50
470g catering jar is £14 available from the Darn Spice website

Value (5/10)


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